Remembrance Sunday resources

We invite you to join us in praying for peace on Remembrance Sunday, and we’ve prepared a prayer that you’re welcome to make use of below.

If you would like a copy of our Remembrance Sunday pack that we prepared last year with more prayers, song and sermon ideas, you can download it here: 

2019-10 CHIPS Remembrance Sunday resources 2019 web

A CHIPS Prayer of Remembrance 

Heavenly Father, this Remembrance Sunday we thank you for the perfect sacrifice of your Son, the Prince of Peace.

We thank you for the relative freedom we enjoy today. We remember, with sorrow, all those who have suffered as a result of the two World Wars and conflicts since.

We remember them – military and civilian; in combat and non-combat roles; willing participants and objectors. We remember those who suffered on ‘both sides’ and we pray for all of those who grieve and mourn.

[Optional: take a few moments either to reflect in silence, or to name specific conflicts and countries]

We ask you to touch and heal those who are suffering today as a result of conflict and violence, in the UK and around the world. 

We think of the divisions among us that this pandemic has highlighted and accentuated. We pray for our leaders, that they would take the bold decisions that encourage peace and we pray that our communities will find the vision and will to make change happen.

[Optional: again, take a few moments in silence, or pray out loud for current issues]

We confess our own sins and shortcomings, and ask your Holy Spirit to transform our hearts and fill us with love and compassion for our enemies.

We recognise that we often fail to look beyond our own interests. We are sorry for our prejudices to others; our reckless actions; our careless words; and our hostile thoughts.

Help us to fix our eyes on the perfect example of Jesus and to love everyone, even those who are against us.

[Optional: take a few moments to confess in silence]

We look forward to the day when the peace of God will reign on earth, and we commit to working for peace until that day.

Help each of us to sow peace in our day-to-day lives and make us, O Lord, channels of your peace, in Jesus’ name,