That’s How it Really is


‘When we’re with our friends, it looks like everything is okay. But we all have a different type of story. What are we hiding from our friends? What happens behind closed doors? Sometimes we feel like it’s just us suffering, but none of us are alone. It’s time for us to show what our reality is’.  

We’re going back to the film studio again this year with local young people, to help raise awareness of some of the challenges that teenagers growing up in Brixton face and help them to to tell the stories that no-one sees. Their stories are important, quite simply because… ‘That’s How It Really Is’.

This year’s project follows the success of our film ‘What Happened To Karen?’ in 2020. Produced by CHIPS, distributed by Million Youth Media and showcased at the Wha’Gwan Film Festival 2021, WHTK? is a YouTube hit that’s attracted more than 382K views so far.

Building on its success, this year’s short film will be a hard-hitting drama co-created with young people living in Brixton. Featuring a group of school friends heading out to the beach during their summer holidays, it doesn’t take long before a series of triggers draws out the silent battles each young person is facing in their lives. 

We get to learn the truth behind the dressed-up lives of our crew, with issues of faith, love, self-esteem, family, popularity and sexuality all arising in this emotional rollercoaster. With raw and compelling performances, humour and powerful narration, we soon see through the polished disguises of the characters’ lives, and maybe even begin to open up to our own stories. 

Our team of directors and producers are ready… our young people are raring to go… and now all we need is a bit more funding to make this project happen! Can you help us? Please consider donating to the project – and you’ll even have the opportunity to be thanked in the film credits!

You can donate quickly and securely online on our Crowdfunder page. No donation is too small and every pound will make a difference!

Your money will be used for equipment hire, insurance, crew salaries, location fees, travel (to the beach!), catering, post production costs, and ensuring the welfare of the young people while we are filming. We will also use the funds to host a film screening for the community on the Angell Town football pitch in Brixton in September. Further funds will be used to submit our film into film festivals early next year.