Taking both sides in Brixton


We are seeking to build peace between young people from two gang affected neighbourhoods: Angell Town and Clapham Park. Recent Met statistics show a 35% increase in knife crime with injury across Lambeth, and the impact of this spike is felt daily by young people on these estates.

In Clapham Park, 35 young people known to youth clubs on the estate were violently stabbed between 2012-2014, and across the Coldharbour Ward where Angell Town and Clapham Park sit there is three times the London average of violence against a person.

We will be working on these estates to provide consistent, positive relationships with young people. Using community organising methods through our membership of Citizens UK we will be encouraging young people to make changes to their estate and their communities. From asking the local housing office to fix a communal basketball hoop, to campaigning for improved community services or planning and organising a cultural trip, we want to equip young people with the drive and the tools to transform their communities.

Through these small actions, groups will be developing closer ties and building trust and friendship, becoming skilled advocates of positive change in their community.

We are hugely grateful to the Big Lottery Fund who are generously supporting this project, which is the first phase of a longer term plan to do peacemaking work with young people across these two estates. We need your support to make this happen: please consider setting up a regular gift to enable us to pay our key youth workers and community organisers to run this project for many years.