The CHIPS Story

We are delighted today to announce a bold new chapter in the CHIPS story. A new brand identity.

We have big ambitions for our peacemaking work around the world, and we now have a brand identity that reflects and supports that drive. We’re excited, and hope you are too.

What you see on this brand new website is the result painstaking research, considered exploration – and a fair few arguments – but we hope that for all the novelty of our logo, colours, type and design, you can see that we are still unmistakably CHIPS.

Much may have changed in how we look, but who we are remains vitally important. The work we’ve done to develop our identity is expressly to enable us to do more of what we do well; to bring the CHIPS story to an ever-wider audience; to bring our unique peacemaking abilities to more divided communities around the world.

We are incredibly grateful to a major donor who has made this new brand and website possible. That means that all other donations from our generous supporters have continued to go towards our peacemaking work.

Our brand and identity are vitally important tools. They are the key to communicating our personality, and if truth be told, were in dire need of a spruce-up.

Since we last looked at the brand the rest of the world has moved on. The charity landscape has got ever-more sophisticated and technology has been developing apace. If we don’t keep up we run the risk of being overlooked as out-of-touch and irrelevant, even as the work we do – with real people, in real communities – becomes even more needed.

We now have that new set of clothes.

A new, simplified, logo that places more emphasis on CHIPS – with the “I” symbolising the divide we always straddle in our peacemaking. There’s a confidence to the mark, not least in the fact that we no longer spell out “Christian International Peace Service”. That’s still our name, don’t worry, and it will appear in full at the footer of the website and on the back of our communications – but a streamlined top-level logo helps us communicate more efficiently, and makes our name more easy to remember.

We will often partner the name with a strapline: “We take sides. Both sides.” Not only does it sum up what we do, it does so in a uniquely attitudinal, human way. It doesn’t simply describe what we do, but who we are and how we behave.

The wider design programme introduces vibrant colour and new typography – most notably with a brand new font – CHIPS Press, exclusive to us and wonderfully accessible.

A series of woodcut illustrations have been developed too, and they add a wonderfully hands-on feel to our communications.

The identity has been designed to balance impact and ease of use. We’ll be able to shout louder with less effort – and make our precious resources go much further. It’s a great investment in the future.

At the heart of our ‘new’ brand is storytelling. We have over half-a-century worth of stories to tell the world, and we’re collecting more every day. These stories bring CHIPS to life, they make us who we are – and you can read many of them here on the site.

In the future we’re also going to be braver about asking people for help. It’s important that our supporters recognise that it is only with their help that we simply can achieve our aims. In the future we will unashamedly ask supporters for financial assistance. Prayer and volunteering is vital of course, and enormously welcome – but if people can provide financial support, we mustn’t be too meek to ask for their help. This new website will be a crucial tool – as you can see from the Donations page.

The team at CHIPS HQ are enormously grateful to IE for their sterling work in bringing the new CHIPS brand and identity to life, and to This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll for building this website.

And while much is brand new for CHIPS in 2018, much remains. We are still devoutly Christian; we are still Christian peacemakers. We continue to bring reconciliation to divided communities at home and abroad, making amazing and lasting improvements to people living in very challenging environments.

Finally, it’s important to remember that before the age of ‘big charity brands’, the internet and social media, the CHIPS brand thrived. It did so because it’s based on a deep love for (and an understanding of) people – of forged relationships and support for one another. It did so thanks to an understanding that, together, people achieve more than they ever can alone.

Our new brand belongs to everyone in the CHIPS family – to all our supporters, all our communities, and all our peacemakers.

We must never lose the DNA which makes us uniquely CHIPS.