Stories of hope: Ghana


Meet Yezida: “Now we can see a brighter future for our daughter!”

Yezida, aged six months, was underweight and showing signs of severe malnutrition such as weak limbs, a pot belly and diarrhoea.

She was referred by one of the team at our CHIPS Nakpayili compound for help. Her parents were invited to the opening day of our new child malnutrition project in the summer, along with other families from both sides of the ethnic divide who face similar challenges.

Her family appreciated the offer of support and chose to take the
programme seriously, with her mother coming every week to receive a high-nutrient porridge mix for her daughter.

In the first month, Yezida’s weight was in the “red” danger zone, but by the end of the year her weight had already improved to “yellow”. Her parents are very grateful for the opportunity to learn and share experiences together with families from different backgrounds and say they are looking forward to Yezida completing the programme with a brighter future ahead of her!

Would you like to support our Ghana child malnutrition project?

£10 could get a child like Yezida started with a month’s supply of high-nutrition porridge. £50 could pay for a community follow up visit to monitor children’s progress. And £100 could train ten families on how to prepare their own food! You can make a one-off gift here.

Alternatively, by giving £10 a month, you could support a severely malnourished child through to healthy adulthood. To make a monthly gift, visit and enter CHILD in the project code field.

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