Remembrance Sunday: resources for churches


Several local church leaders have told us that they find Remembrance Sunday a challenging date to mark on the church calendar.

  • How should we approach it as peacemakers?
  • Can we make it more inclusive?
  • How do we ensure the takeaway message is one of peace?

At CHIPS, we don’t have all the answers. But, in response to these questions, we have developed some simple resources for churches this year, which you can download here:                    CHIPS Remembrance Sunday resources 2019

The content is designed to be flexible, and includes some suggested Bible verses, themed remarks and a new CHIPS Prayer of Remembrance which can be used around the two minutes’ silence or any point during a service.

Whether you choose to use or adapt it, or simply incorporate some of the themes, we hope that you will find it helpful and invite you to pray with us for peace this Remembrance Sunday.