Prayers for peace!


Join us in two new prayers, written for Peace Sunday 2020 but which can be used all year round! And why not join us ‘live’ on Sunday 20 September at 6.30pm to watch our special Peace Sunday 2020 online service? You can join us using this link. We’ll also leave it available for catch up for 14 days.

A Peace Prayer from CHIPS

Heavenly Father,

We’re thankful for the peace we have with you through our Lord Jesus Christ.

We think of all those who are affected by conflict overseas. We pray that you would transform the situations which drive these conflicts, such as poverty and inequality.

We pray that you would bring an end to war, with opposing sides reconciled, hearts changed, and a willingness to do the hard work to make peace.

And we pray for an end to persecution of minorities, for people to live peacefully together, no longer forced to flee their homes and become refugees.

We think of the divisions among us that this pandemic has once again highlighted and accentuated.

We pray for your healing.

We pray for our leaders, that you would equip them to take bold decisions that help us to treat each other as equals.

And we pray that communities will find the vision and the will to make real change happen.

As lockdown restrictions lift, we think of all those caught in violent domestic and personal relationships.

We ask you to comfort them and help them find a way out. Help us to build a society in which violence and bullying is no longer tolerated.

And we pray for peace on our streets, for calm in the hearts of those caught up in disputes, and for new positive role models and changemakers to be raised up across our towns and cities.

Speak to each of us about how we can personally fulfil our calling as peacemakers.

Work in our hearts, and to help us challenge our personal prejudices.

Show us how we can make a practical difference in our own lives, our communities and around the world.

Show us how we need to change to become effective peacemakers, and give us the courage to respond.

We ask these things in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is our peace.


A Peace Prayer from the Fellowship of Reconciliation

Loving God,
Thank you for our bountiful world
And for all that dwells on it.
Help us see that there is enough,
And to challenge unjust distribution of resources.

We are truly sorry for times we stray
Into the path of violence and hatred.
For when we make judgements
About whether groups of people deserve compassion or support.
For times we fail to see long-term consequences,
Forgive our apathy, our selfishness, our inaction.

We are often quick to anger and slow to listen,
Hearing what is simple and easy,
Not what is helpful and true.

Help us to hear kindly and respond with integrity.
Lead us into righteous anger and active resistance,
To speak out against injustice,
Help us to love our neighbour,
To see past creed, colour, shape, sexuality or gender.

We pray for people in positions of power,
That they use their influence for the wellbeing of all.
Help them to act with compassion,
And to build bridges between communities.

We hold up to you those working for peace,
Who face violence with courage and love
In places where it is dangerous to do so.

Help us to be more like your son, Jesus Christ,
Who took direct action in the temple;
Who is friend of the poor and said,
“Blessed are the peacemakers”.
We pray this in your name,