Become a CHIPS Peacemaker today!


“To hear of so many lives being destroyed by violence can leave us with a sense of helplessness but by giving monthly, I can play my own small part to bring hope! And to know that my money is being used by a team that knows the people personally – their names, their families and their individual stories – is important to me.” Ruth Jackson is a teacher from London

The number of countries facing conflict around the world is at a record high. One in every five children worldwide is now affected by violence and a record number of them are dying or being seriously injured. Meanwhile, closer to home, knife crime has reached an unprecedented high.

That’s why we’ve launched CHIPS Peacemakers, a new regular giving partnership. CHIPS Peacemakers will help us to train up more grassroots peacemakers, build more overseas teams like we have in Ghana, share our experience with more local churches, and partner with more schools to break the cycle of knife crime.

How CHIPS Peacemakers works

“What CHIPS is doing in Brixton is so good, and so important – and best of all it’s rooted in the local community! Building peace takes time, and I know I can best support their vision with a regular, monthly donation.” Liz Waldy has worked in the charity sector for more than 25 years

Becoming a CHIPS Peacemaker is the most effective way to support our peacemaking work! A small amount given regularly can make a big difference over time, and we can direct your gift where it’s most needed every month.

In return for your generosity, we’ll give you the opportunity to:

  • Meet our staff and trustees at a special annual reception
  • Meet with our Brixton volunteer team and learn about what they do
  • Join one of our local supporter groups – or help from us if you’d like to start your own
  • Have a CHIPS speaker for your local church or small group

You can simply take advantage of those most relevant to you!

“CHIPS does some great, really practical work in some of the most chaotic areas of our country and across the world. I know that the money I give will be used to make a real difference to the lives of people in these places!” Tadz Billam is a youth worker living in Durham

“I started giving regularly to CHIPS because unique, patient work like theirs is hard to fund – but it’s transformative! If we want to grow a more peaceful world, we need people like CHIPS to make it happen. It’s a privilege to be part of what they’re doing through giving.” Sarah Hutt, 31 is a civil servant

How to get started

Would you consider becoming a CHIPS Peacemaker today? Giving £10 a month is equivalent to the cost of just one takeaway coffee a week, but your regular gift could achieve a great deal:

  • £10 could take six young people off their Brixton estate to go swimming
  • £25 could buy one goat for a Ghana animal rearing group
  • £50 could deliver one school mentoring session for Brixton pupils at risk of exclusion*

You can sign up to become a CHIPS Peacemaker quickly and securely online and start building peace today. You can set up a regular gift via your CAF or Stewardship account if you prefer. Or if you’d like us to post you a bank instruction form, just email Emily at or call 020 7078 7439 to ask.

Thank you for helping us bring hope to more communities!

“CHIPS’ hands-on work in Brixton is brilliant and a game-changer! I first contributed to CHIPS because a former pupil of mine was working there. Then I discovered that Roy Calvocoressi, their founder, had actually stayed in our home in 1943. That prompted me to look closely at what CHIPS is doing. What I discovered I wholeheartedly endorsed – and I have supported CHIPS through regular giving ever since!” Revd Christopher Turner, aged 90

*These are examples from our practical peacemaking projects, provided for illustration. The regular income we receive will be allocated across different projects and operating costs, so we can direct it where it’s needed most.