Brixton Youth and Community Organiser Job

Are you driven by love and hope to challenge injustice and inequality? Can you bring people together from different...

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  • Can youth violence and knife crime really be ended ? We believe they can

    It is just over two weeks since Glendon Spence, a 23 year old young man, was killed at the...
  • Love in Action – Could you give a gift of peace on Valentine’s Day ?

    Give a gift of peace on Valentine's Day

    The life of a peacemaker often involves holding the good and bad in tension. One recent week really highlighted this.
  • An overview of youth violence in Brixton

    For three years, at the invitation of the community, we’ve lived and worked with the community living on Brixton estates.
  • CHIPS in schools: 50% reduction in pupils at risk of exclusion

    A year ago, Evelyn Grace School invited us to work with teenagers at risk of exclusion.
  • International Day of Peace

    Please pray with us on 21st September with our Prayer Cards and resources for Peace Sunday