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  • Celebrating Peace

    Churches around the country will join together this 23rd September in services to commit to peace. Will you and your church join them?
  • London’s knife crisis

    The threat of violence is an everyday reality for many young people across our capital, particularly for those we live and work alongside in Brixton.
  • Brixton Volunteer

    Brixton Community Volunteers c. 0.5 days a week, with accommodation at heavily subsidised rent Are you looking for an...
  • Goats, Ghana and Gain

    On a recent trip to Ghana Paul Maxwell-Rose visited Wulensi, the capital of the Nanumba South district in northern...
  • We beekeeping it real in Ghana

    Subsistence farming is hard. Conflict over land ownership makes it harder. We want to change this...
  • Cleaning brings community together

    Say hello to Kwabena, a member of the Konkomba tribe in Nakpayili who has been part of our sanitation...