Love in Action – Could you give a gift of peace on Valentine’s Day ?

‘Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend’ Martin Luther-King


You might not think there is much of a connection between Valentine’s Day and peacemaking.  What can all those hearts and roses have to do with the long and often complicated work of bringing warring factions together ?

But as we celebrate one type of love, we’re reminded again that love is the foundation of all our peacemaking work.  As Martin Luther-King said:

‘Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend’.

In all we do helping communities build sustainable peace, we are encouraging and empowering people living in violent conflict to love those they see as their enemies.

Love in action in Ghana

Our team in Ghana are a wonderful example.  Drawn from the Nanumba and Konkomba – two tribes with a long history of violent conflict between them – our team live and work together in an area that has seen some of the worst outbreaks of violence and suffering.  

Six families –  three from one tribe and three from the other, show that it is possible for enemies to become friends and for there to be peace.

As the team go out from their shared home to work on our practical peacemaking projects, they go in pairs – one Konkomba and one Nanumba.  Travelling to communities together, every group they meet sees that, even where there has been violence and division, friendship, working together and peace are possible.

Could you join us ?

Could you join us in helping more communities like those in Northern Ghana see love in action ?

Maybe you have already given a gift to a loved one today but why not also give a Valentine’s Day gift with a difference this year – a gift of the hope of peace.

Just click the donate button on this page to give.

And may you too know love and peace today.

Andrew Jackson – Co-Director (Development)