Leaving a gift in your will


A message from our Chair of Trustees

From Cyprus to Uganda and from Ghana to Brixton, the conflict situations to which CHIPS has been called have usually developed over decades.

Likewise, building sustainable peace takes many years or even generations: as we say in CHIPS, we’ll stay for as long as it takes!

Gifts in wills can therefore be incredibly important to our long-term effectiveness.

My late husband Roy, our founder and original Director, first left us a legacy himself in the form of this charity. And today, a gift left to us in a will can still have one of the greatest impacts on our work and on our future development.

Of course, leaving a gift is a very significant and personal decision.
Whatever you ultimately decide to do, thank you so much for considering CHIPS.

And should you decide to include us, please do let us know. Leaving a legacy is the most wonderful act of generosity and we would love to talk to you in confidence to express our gratitude!

Elfrida Calvocoressi

Case study: A legacy of theology

Over 15 years ago, a highly-respected Cambridge professor of New Testament Theology left CHIPS a legacy which thrilled our founder, Roy. The professor had been Roy’s spiritual mentor and biblical referee for the New Testament peacemaking principles he was exploring. Roy and the trustees decided to earmark this legacy for training our teams, and others with an interest in the theology of peace. We remain grateful for his amazing generosity and this very practical affirmation of CHIPS!

Things to consider

When leaving a gift in your will, you should consider what type of gift is right for you, for example:

  • Residuary gift. This is a share or percentage of your estate, after all debt and other legacies have been paid.
  • Pecuniary gift. This is a fixed amount of money. As it will devalue over time, you can choose to index-link it.
  • Specific gift, for example property, shares or jewellery.

If you are considering leaving a gift to CHIPS, the correct information for your solicitor to include is: “CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service) or its successor, Registered Charity Number 1174527.”

To allow us to grow our work sustainably, you can choose for us to invest your legacy where it’s most needed over time, across different projects and core operating costs.

Staying in touch

If you’re interested in learning more about leaving a legacy of peace, please email us with your contact details and we’ll post you our leaflet about leaving a gift to CHIPS in your will.

If you wish to discuss anything further, including what your gift could achieve, please email Emily or call us on 020 078 7439.

And, if you do decide to include us in your will, please let us know so we can say thank you properly! 

Case study: a legacy of foresight

A long-time CHIPS supporter left CHIPS a large proportion of her portfolio to be invested as shares in ethical companies. This ‘living legacy’ acts as a cushion for us during lean times, and provides some regular income from dividends too. We are therefore doubly grateful for her generous gift and her thoughtfulness!