Archbishop Justin Welby joins the CHIPS family


Earlier this autumn, we were thrilled to announce that the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Revd and Rt Hon Justin Welby, has become our Patron, in recognition of our work around the world.

Archbishop Justin has long been an advocate for peace and has made reconciliation one of the three priorities for his ministry. “Reconciliation is at the heart of Christ’s call to those who follow him. It is extremely close to my heart, and one of the greatest needs in our troubled world,” he explains.

A great fit

Justin Welby has known CHIPS for many years, and says he is greatly encouraged and inspired by our work. He says: “CHIPS is a team of courageous people who approach peacemaking in a radical and innovative way: living and working in the heart of conflict for as long as it takes, striving to understand fully the views of different sides.”

We believe that the Archbishop’s deep commitment to building relationships that reconcile people is a great fit with, and complement to, our own vision for peace through practical peacemaking in areas of tension. Our prayer is that our co-operation together will encourage more Christians to consider their calling as peacemakers, and more local churches to partner with us in tackling conflict and division.

IN HIS OWN WORDS: RECONCILIATION AND REALITY We asked Archbishop Justin what reconciliation means to him, and he shared this reflection with us.

“Reconciliation is at the heart of the good news of Jesus Christ. In Jesus, we are reconciled with God and can flourish in ways previously unimaginable. I have long been passionately committed to the work of reconciliation, and that commitment deepens every day. 

Yet, all around us, we see the opposite. We see that, when conflict is mishandled, it prevents human beings from flourishing. This has been my experience again and again in my own life and ministry. I have also seen how difficult conflict is to disentangle. Conflict is as multi-faceted as it is ubiquitous. Seemingly straightforward dividing lines are often rooted in interwoven, far-reaching histories and relationships. The apparent cause of a dispute rarely turns out to be the whole story. 

When we look at our neighbourhoods, our nations and our world, we see how desperately we need the art of true peacemaking. It cannot be hurried. It attends to the uniqueness and complexity of the human being. It wrestles beauty out of disorder. It can only do these things by engaging deeply and wholeheartedly with reality. When we undertake this painstaking but vital process, we discover a new vision of reality and we begin to live it out.

I am delighted to become the patron of CHIPS, because this is the art they have lived and breathed for many years. Their work is changing lives and I am excited about the ways this will grow in the years to come.”

Photo by Jacqui J Sze

“It is a privilege to become a patron of this highly effective organisation and I would encourage Christians to pray for and support their work” – Archbishop Justin

Partnership with local churches

We partner with churches of all denominations and none. We offer our CHIPS Church Peace Partners access to our peacemaking expertise, speakers for their services and, those who want to go deeper, bespoke mentoring and training to help them ‘do’ practical peacemaking in their local communities.

In return, we ask that partners pray for our work and support us financially in some way. Churches can choose to work with us as a General Partner, Project Partner supporting a specific area of our work, or Development Partner helping us bring a new project to life.

For more information on becoming a CHIPS Church Peace Partner, please visit this page or email Andrew at  we’d love to hear from you!

Cover photo by World Council of Churches