Stories from Ghana: meet Rahinatu!


Rahinatu Felix is 47 years old. A widow with four children, she used to struggle to support their education. However, with support from CHIPS, she says her life has improved.

Rahinatu was one of the first group of women to start animal rearing in Koraji in 2016. She began with one chicken borrowed from her neighbour and others donated by CHIPS.

With our support, she has since progressed to sheep rearing. This has provided new income, which has helped pay for school fees.

A year after starting animal rearing, her group began weekly savings (susu). This gives her a financial cushion for tough times. It also allows her to use her entrepreneurial skills – she borrows from the group to buy cassava, processes it into gari and sells it at the market.

She buys the cassava from both Dagomba and Konkomba farmers. Through these interactions, and the CHIPS group meetings that bring people from opposing tribes together, her perceptions about conflict and peace have changed.

She now has a new attitude towards the ‘other side’ and says she would recommend the work of CHIPS to any community willing to change and develop!