News from Ghana: Project Update


A brief update on some of our key projects in Ghana as we approach the end of 2019

Agriculture and savings and loans groups

Successes: We have seen peoples’ lives being changed through self-help projects this year, especially in animals rearing and savings. Many women have given testimonies of how they have been able to pay their medical bills and school fees as a result of these projects.

Challenges: Death of animals and complaints about animal theft remain a challenge. In terms of crops, poor rainfall patterns coupled with poor market prices for some produce are problematic.

Community animal health workers

Successes: This year, we have seen our CAHWs really making a difference through helping farmers to keep their animals healthy, and they are also doing a great job of mobilising farmers for major vaccination exercises, which is critical for animal health.

Challenges: the vast scale of the zones that the CAHWs need to cover, combined with the poor road and infrastructure network, remain a challenge.

Sanitation and hygiene

Successes: As a result of these projects, we have seen a continued improvement in communities, with less filth around and cleaner water too. Many households now have simple toilets and no longer go to the toilet outside or in the bush, which is unhealthy and dangerous for groups such as women and older relatives.  

Challenges: Some households wrongly believe that volunteers are being paid, and they leave all the work to keep the environment clean them instead of helping. Others remain culturally reluctant to accept and build toilets.

Natural medicine

Successes: More villagers are coming to our base this year for treatment for scorpion and snake bites, which has been encouraging. Our groups have also successfully been taught how to make use of various plants and herbs, so more individuals are able to treat minor ailments at home which is saving them money and time in hospitals!

Challenges: Continued investment in skills and equipment is always needed, and we need people to understand the importance of making a small financial contribution to cover our costs and ensure the project remains sustainable.

Please join us in thanking God for the progress our projects have made this year and for his guidance and provision in overcoming the challenges.