From Brixton to Bimbilla

3500 miles for peace


It is just over 3500 miles from our project in Brixton to our project near the town of Bimbilla in North East Ghana.

What if we were to run, walk, swim, cycle of even row those miles this summer and raise money for CHIPS ?  We’re launching the ‘From Brixton to Bimbilla Challenge  – 3500 miles for peace’ and would love you to join in,  adding as many miles as you can towards that 3500 target. 

Maybe you could do a sponsored walk or a half-marathon or simply head to the gym and cover some miles on an exercise bike.  Every mile counts so whether it is 1 or 100 you can take part.

All you need to do is choose what you want to do and find people to sponsor you to do it.  We can provide the information you need and sponsorship forms and a lot of support and encouragement. 

Contact Emily or Andrew in the office  – or  – let us know what you plan to do and we’ll get you started. 

Every mile you cover and every £1 you raise will make a difference.