‘For he himself is our peace’

Why Easter is at the very centre of our life and work


Why would Good Friday and Easter Day be at the very centre of CHIPS’ life and work ?

Good Friday is about the Cross, where Jesus Christ made peace.  Peace between us all and God and peace between groups or individuals antagonistic towards each other.  

Because of his amazing love for us, Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice of a peacemaker, absorbing in his own body injustice, anger, hatred and cruelty and the bitter enmity of both sides, thus removing it.  The wall which had separated nations for centuries was broken down and opposing sides were enabled to become one person.

Jesus put us right with God and in and through costly suffering, made that special peace he had promised: the deepest form of peace transforming the lives of former enemies and uniting communities.  

Easter Day is about the power of God who raised Jesus from the dead, offering us forgiveness of sins, breaking the power of Satan, conquering death itself.  Without Easter Sunday, no one would know any of this. 

As Jesus’ representative peacemakers, we too find ourselves bearing suspicion, blame and anger from both sides, in listening, being in the centre of tension and the process of changing attitudes  – but also enabling people and groups to join in God’s work of reconciliation with love.

Elfrida Calvocoressi