An interview with our young film stars!


A summer of film-making on Angell Town

We asked two of the teenagers who took part in the making of our film, ‘What Happened to Karen?’ about their experience. Samuel, who plays Solomon in the film, is 14 years old. Tavia, who plays Louise, is 13 years old. 

How were you feeling about life before we started filming?

Samuel: I was feeling tired in lockdown and like I had no use. I felt like I should be doing something better with my life!

Tavia: When we stopped school, I was worried about not seeing my friends – and kind of scared because the news every day was all about the pandemic.

Why did you decide to get involved in the film project?

Samuel: What made me keen was the thought of conveying an important message about racism. We also wanted to show the world that young people can accomplish things too!

Tavia: What made me want to do the project was the fact that I wanted to experience acting – and the people there were so nice and welcoming, which made it even better!

How do you feel the project helped you?

Tavia: I think the project really helped me at a challenging time because it gave us young people a chance to build stronger bonds and spend a lot more time together. It has also impacted me, and the way I feel about myself, by knowing I can count on people – not just in acting but the rest of my life as well.

Samuel: I feel like it unlocked issues that not only my friends were battling with, but people in general. A lot of people bump into ‘Karens’ and it can be a very confusing or embarrassing time. It has also impacted me positively, because now a lot of people recognise me for what I did – not only on the internet, but also in my community. 

What did you learn about yourself?

Tavia: I learnt that I have a lot more patience than I thought – there were a lot of challenging moments behind the scenes as we were working with each other every day! I also think I’ve grown in confidence because the team would uplift us and make sure were all OK personally (and not just while filming).

Samuel: What I learnt about myself is that I have excellent acting skills I didn’t even know about!

What are you most proud of?

Samuel: The thing I’m most proud about is accomplishing the release of a professional film. Now I’d like to be a successful actor and, if possible, a successful rapper!

Tavia: I’m proud that me and my group have become a lot closer, and that we stuck to the end to complete this project, even on rainy days! Hopefully I can now get more acting experience – I’d also like to become a midwife or a mentor because I think that helping others is important!

To view the film for free, go to YouTube

If you are interested in screening the film with your church, youth group or community organisation, please contact Naomi