Coronavirus update


CHIPS Coronavirus update

Last updated 22 September 2020

We are praying for all those affected by the pandemic around the world and in the communities we serve, asking for God’s wisdom for those in positions of authority and decision-making, and continually reviewing how we – as a charity of Christian peacemakers – can best respond.

Our CHIPS services

All the decisions we’re making right now are led by concern for the people we work with and compassion for people in vulnerable groups in the wider communities we serve.


Our office is currently closed to the public.

At the end of March, we launched our emergency response to help vulnerable Brixton families make it through the crisis.

We are continuing to support families with the help of an expanded volunteer team and a programme of regular weekly calls with families as well as a helpline for those with urgent needs to call. 

Our assistance includes emotional support, mentoring and advice; practical help such as assistance with food, shopping and technology; and signposting to help families access specialist support from other local and partner organisations. 

We continue to offer phone-based and virtual activities for young people, and have have restarted face-to-face activity where practical. This includes small group projects and activities, mentoring and our schools work, in line with government advice and the reopening of schools. 


In Ghana, the coronavirus situation remains less advanced and we continue to run our six practical peacemaking projects as far as possible, although the virus has caused the pace of some work to slow.

We have been working hard to share accurate information on the virus and to encourage and facilitate good hygiene practice, such as handwashing. 

We have also launched a new project to help families tackle the major issue of child malnutrition, a problem which we expect to grow worse as the effects of the pandemic begin to be felt on the regional economy.

We continue to review how we can best position ourselves to help as the situation develops in Ghana more broadly, in a humanitarian and peacemaking context.

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We will update this page as the situation develops. Please check back for updates.