CHIPS Peacemaker Profiles: Meet Barb!


Barb is a Londoner who works in the City as an Executive Assistant and gives monthly to CHIPS


What prompted you to support CHIPS?

I decided to support CHIPS primarily for its work in Brixton. I lived in Brixton for 17 years and during this time came to love its vibrancy and diversity. At the same time, I was aware of the growing knife and gun culture that existed between some rival groups within the Lambeth area. I came home one evening to find the road cordoned off by police tape: a young man had been found shot dead in a car.


What made you decide to give monthly to CHIPS?

CHIPS helps make a difference to young people’s lives by giving them help, courage and support, both materially and psychologically, to choose another path. I decided to give CHIPS a monthly donation because it’s the kind of long-term work that needs continuity, and I didn’t want to make a one-off donation and then simply forget about it. It was easy to set up via direct debit and as I am a tax payer, CHIPS can claim back tax relief via Gift Aid.


What would you say to others who are thinking about supporting CHIPS?

Anyone who is interested in seeing a brighter future for young people should think about supporting the work that CHIPS does. The charity is hugely grateful for all support, however great or small, and they always keep you in the picture. And as a monthly giver, they involve you in their work – they are quite unique, in my experience, with their friendly and inclusive approach to their supporters!

To learn more about becoming a CHIPS Peacemaker, visit this page