CHIPS Peacemaker Profiles: Meet Alan


Alan lives in the South East, recently retiring as a Chartered Financial Planner

What inspires you about the work that CHIPS does?

Peacemaking is a fundamental expression of who God is and I support CHIPS as they are a reflection of God’s heart. They apply the principle of peacemaking in a very targeted way to specific communities – and in so doing make a measurable difference, standing with those communities, expressing the love of Christ for the long-term!


Why do you give monthly to CHIPS?

Giving monthly means I’m helping CHIPS to better plan their peacekeeping work, knowing that they have budgeted income coming through on a regular basis.


What would you say to others who are thinking of supporting CHIPS?

I would say to others: please be willing to provide regular, ongoing support so that CHIPS can focus all their energy and attention on the valuable work they are doing and are called to, rather than being distracted by where the money is going to come from!

To learn more about becoming a CHIPS Peacemaker, visit this page