Jumping for peeeaaace…

Last Sunday, CHIPS supporter Lisa Rutland jumped from a plane to fundraise for CHIPS, with just a few days’ notice! We caught up with her about her experience…
Hi Lisa, congratulations on your jump! What inspired you to do it?
I had always wanted to skydive! I did it for the first time quite a few years ago for charity and enjoyed it so much that I  knew I had to do it again! My husband very kindly gifted me a jump for a ‘significant ‘ birthday I had coming up, and this is the one I did on Sunday.
Why did you decide to generously fundraise for CHIPS?
I first heard about CHIPS from a good friend who works them. And I just love what the charity stands for. I have friends who have been affected by violence and gang-related issues in London, so it was a no brainer for me to support CHIPS really!
How did you feel doing the jump?
I was really quite excited before getting into the plane, as I knew what to expect, but when sitting on the floor of the plane, the nerves kicked in!
We jumped from about 2,000 feet more than I jumped from the first time ( just over 2 miles!!) It was both exhilarating and scary as I left the plane, strapped very tightly to my tandem partner.
It was also -14°C up there, so a real shock to the system and that took my breath away to start with. My hands felt like blocks of ice – note to self, wear gloves next time!!
I then loved the 40-second freefall before the canopy opened and I could enjoy the gentle float down, taking in the beautiful scenery! We landed very smoothly. It was really quite different to the last time but still an amazing experience. 
How did you end up doing the jump with just a few days notice?
My jump was originally booked for this time last year but it was postponed a couple of times due to Covid.  As it was my husband who purchased it, all correspondence went through him and he recently told me that he had rebooked for sometime in June.
But last Thursday evening,  when we were out for his birthday I asked him to check the exact date. He checked, he laughed, and then he said, “How does this Sunday sound?” Hence the short notice!
Big thanks and congratulations to Lisa on her jump, and for fundraising for CHIPS! You can sponsor her jump here!
If you have an idea of a challenge activity that you might like to do to raise money for peace, feel free to contact us here to discusss!

Join us for Peace Sunday 2020!

We invite you to join us in marking Peace Sunday on 20 September! Peace Sunday is the Sunday closest to the UN International Day of Peace, and every year, more people use this day to think about peace.

CHIPS Peace Sunday online service: Peace, Pandemic and Racial Injustice

In recent years, we’ve provided resources to help people mark Peace Sunday, and we’ve visited congregations to speak too. This year, as many churches are meeting virtually, we’re preparing a special online service instead and we’d love you to join us!

Along with prayers and worship, we have three short sessions with our team on What the Pandemic Means for Peace; A Peacemaker’s Perspective on Racial Injustice; and How to be a Peacemaker in Practice.

Why not join us ‘live’ on Sunday 20 September at 6.30pm to watch the service online? You can join us using this link. We’ll also leave the service available for catch up for 14 days.

Joining our service is free of charge. If you are not currently a CHIPS Peacemaker or part of a CHIPS Church Peace Partner congregation, you’ll have the opportunity to make a small donation to our work if you wish.

CHIPS Virtual Challenge: 11k for peace!

We had planned to organise a sponsored event this year, inviting people to join us to fundraise for peace. Coronavirus means that isn’t possible, so we’re inviting individuals to do an activity ‘virtually’ instead, alone or in small groups. We invite you to join us anytime that suits you between Saturday 12 and Sunday 27 September.

Did you know that the number of knife offences in England and Wales increased by 11% last year, while in recent decades more than 150,000 people have been displaced by conflict where we work in Northern Ghana?

That’s why we work to tackle the root causes of youth violence in South London and live among communities in Ghana, bringing people together across the divides.

This Peace Sunday, we invite you to join us and help us fundraise for peace by taking on a personal challenge themed around the number 11 or 150, and raising £150 (or whatever you can, there’s no pressure!) in solidarity with those affected by conflict here and around the world.

Do it your way!

This really is a challenge for everyone. And of course, we’re planning this to be a fun activity, not a high-pressure fundraiser!

You can choose to run or walk 11km or 11 miles, wherever you fancy – or some of our supporters will be cycling instead! Or if that isn’t your thing, some of our why not be creative and come up with your own challenge?

For example, you could bake 11 cakes (one of our team has decided to bake 150 pastries!)… or ask your friends to join you for a virtual coffee morning or cocktail evening, and invite them to make a donation.

You can take your challenge at your own pace and it in one go or over several days. As restrictions begin to ease, you can do your challenge alone or in a socially-distanced group, in whatever way feels most comfortable. Our only request is that your challenge is in line with current Coronavirus guidance.

So whether it’s your first attempt, or you’re looking to beat a personal best, we invite you to sign up, have some fun and help us raise money for peace!

How to get involved

The next step is to register your interest, so we can send you a fundraising pack with all the information you need. This includes how to set up your personal challenge page that will help everything run smoothly.

How we’ll use the money we raise from our Peace Sunday activities

Like many other charities, this pandemic has had a significant effect on our ability to fundraise through sponsored events this year.

We’re so very thankful for the huge generosity of our supporters through this pandemic, and we have been successful in securing recent grants to continue our crisis response work in Brixton.

However, it is much more difficult to win unrestricted grants that allow us to cover our important core costs, such as office rental and salaries that allow us to keep our doors open, keep our projects running and keep paying our workers.

The money we raise through this Peace Sunday virtual challenge will therefore go towards these core costs, and helping to keep going through the after-effects of this pandemic!

Thank you for joining us to raise awareness of the importance of peacemaking around the world this Peace Sunday. And if you join our challenge, please remember that however you decide to join us and however much money you help us raise, you’ll be doing something incredible to help make our world a more peaceful place!  

New project! Tackling child malnutrition in Ghana

CHIPS has launched a new project to help tackle the serious issue of child malnourishment in Northern Ghana, while following the same principles of its other projects to help build peace across the ethnic divide.

As Paul Maxwell-Rose, Co-Director (Programmes) at CHIPS explains: “Today in Ghana, around one in five children suffer from chronic malnutrition. This rises to one in every THREE in the Northern region where we work.” 

As our team visits communities in Northern Ghana through our peacemaking projects, we regularly see the heartbreaking signs of malnutrition.

Underdeveloped children who are often too short for their age. Young minds that will never reach their full potential because of mental impairment. Frail bodies struggling to recover from common infections. And we see this on both sides of the ethnic divide.

Many parents tell us they don’t know what is wrong with their sick children. They struggle to access medical help and often the problem ends up treated with ineffective home remedies or spiritual healing. Without help, these children will face serious consequences for the rest of their lives. The most severely affected will struggle to live independent lives. Some will die before adulthood.

“We’re already working to tackle malnourishment where we can. But we’ve felt for some time that God is calling us to do more”, says Desmond Mpabe, our Ghana Team Leader. “As the effects of Coronavirus begin to hit the economy, this problem will only grow worse. We believe we need to act now.”

Can you help us tackle child malnutrition and build peace?

However, our resources are limited, and we need your support to help more families. Your support will allow us to make high-nutrition porridge packs for parents to feed their children. It would also enable us to show families how to grow and prepare the food themselves and organise regular follow-up sessions to weigh the children and check on their progress.

Importantly for CHIPS, the project will also help to make peace. Following the same principles as our other work, it will bring together groups from both sides of the ethnic divide and help tackle poverty, one of the key root causes of conflict.

Tabir’s story: giving a child a future

Tabir’s distended stomach shows the tell-tale signs of chronic malnutrition, but now he and his family are receiving the support they need.

Tabir is three years old. His parents were deeply concerned when he didn’t grow as expected. They desperately looked for help, but the local health centre couldn’t take them on. When they consulted a community seer, he said the child is cursed and has no future.

Tabir’s parents have been blessed with two sons, but life has not been easy. His father labours hard in their small farming community but struggles to put enough food on the table.

Thanks to our training with local partner charity NESO, we spotted the signs of malnutrition. We came alongside the family to provide high-nutrient porridge and show them how to make the food themselves.

Tabir has begun to return to health and each time we see him, his young body has developed a little more. His parents say they are thankful to God because they now know Tabir DOES have a future!

Your gift can make a big difference!

By giving just £10 a month, you could support one malnourished child like Tabir through to healthy adulthood. And £20 a month would support his brother too.

Alternatively, a one-off gift of £10 would get us started with a
month’s supply of high-nutrition porridge for a child like Tabir.
£50 could pay for a follow up visit to a community to check on
children’s progress. And £100 could provide training for ten
families on how to prepare their own food.

To set up a monthly gift, visit chipspeace.org/donate and
enter the project code CHILD when prompted.

To make a one-off gift, please visit our special appeal page

Alternatively, feel free to send us a cheque at the following address, writing ‘CHILD’ on the back: CHIPS, Unit 7, Warwick House, Overton Road, London SW9 7JP, UK.

Thank you for helping us to launch this important new project – we truly appreciate your support!


These are estimates of what your donation could achieve, given for illustration. They include the cost of treatment and our costs to deliver the project. In the unlikely event that we raise more money than we need, we will allocate your one-off or regular gift to our other work helping to build peace in Ghana.

Names, photos and personal stories have been anonymised and blended.

CHIPS launches Brixton emergency Coronavirus response

News release – for immediate distribution

CHIPS launches emergency Coronavirus response for Brixton families and young people

London, 3 April 2020 – CHIPS, the international Christian peacemaking charity, today launched an emergency response and crowdfunding appeal to help Brixton’s vulnerable families and young people make it through the Coronavirus crisis.

The charity will offer struggling families urgent practical and emotional support and provide young people and their schools with a programme of activities to support mental health and keep them connected to their community. This includes:

  • Listening, mentoring and support with employment, financial, emotional and other issues through regular phone check-ins.
  • A programme of innovative online activities to help young people combat isolation, including group challenges, fitness and creative activities developed in partnership with young people themselves. 
  • Practical help for families for their most urgent needs, from assistance with shopping and prescriptions to food and fuel top-ups when there’s nobody else to help.
  • A signposting service to direct vulnerable people to the right place for specialist support from partner charities, community groups and local authority teams.
  • Provision of resources to help young people continue their learning while schools are closed.

CHIPS is working closely with several other community organisations and with schools to maximise reach and impact. The charity has successfully repurposed some money from existing grants and has launched a public crowdfunding appeal to raise £10,000 and help close the shortfall. Donations can be made online at crowdfunder.co.uk/brixtonresponse until the end of April.

Paul Maxwell-Rose, Co-Director (Programmes) at CHIPS, said:

“The coronavirus crisis is placing a strain on Brixton families like never before. Every day we’re meeting more parents who’ve lost their jobs, households struggling to afford the basics, young people feeling isolated and frustrated, and teachers concerned about the wellbeing of vulnerable students while schools are closed. That’s why we’re putting in place a programme of support to help struggling families to get back on track and young people stay connected, positive and healthy during a time of significant disruption to their development. 

“As peacemakers, we’re truly inspired to see the huge outpouring of goodwill in our local community right now. So many people are pulling together, new partnerships are being forged and new volunteers are engaging for the first time. So, we’d ask our neighbours who are able to give generously to our appeal. Even a small donation will make a big difference to a vulnerable family or young person and could help them make it through this crisis. And together, we can help our community to build the strong relationships that it will need long after the crisis has gone.”

Rishan Walker, Youth Worker at CHIPS, said:

“The months ahead will be tough for everyone, but particularly so for those teenagers who lack strong family and community support networks during lockdown. I’m really excited about the ideas we’ve been developing with our local young people to help them stay connected and motivated, from online challenges to virtual fitness and dance sessions and creative activities. I’m confident this will support strong relationships, mental health and wellbeing and give Brixton’s vulnerable young people a real helping hand towards a positive future.”

Notes for editors

About CHIPS (Christian International Peacemaking Service)

CHIPS is a charity of Christian peacemakers, who have been living at the heart of conflict for over 50 years. From Brixton to Ghana, the charity is invited to join communities and help build a sustainable future free from violence and division. Inspired by the life of Jesus, CHIPS believes that the best way to bring about lasting peace is to take sides. Both sides. For more information, visit chipspeace.org

For more information, visit chipspeace.org

Follow us at facebook.com/chipspeace twitter.com/chipspeaceorg and instagram.com/chipspeace

Six reasons to become a CHIPS Peacemaker today!

Making a monthly donation is easy. You stay in control by choosing the amount that suits your budget, and spreading your costs over the year. You can also change or cancel your donation at any time.

For us, your commitment means we can rely more on a steady stream of income and worry less about where the next cheque might come from. We can plan ahead better and respond quicker to new needs in our communities.

Without regular income from our supporters like you, we simply wouldn’t be able to meet the cost of our overheads, or launch the new projects that bring communities together and make peace!

1 It’s convenient

It’s easy to set up a monthly gift via direct debit, your CAF or Stewardship account, or employer’s Give as You Earn Scheme.

Now it’s even easier to set up a monthly donation with the option to give up to £20 by text message straight from your phone too.

You stay in control by choosing the amount that suits your budget and spreading your costs over the year, and you can claim Gift Aid at the same time if you’re a taxpayer.

“I didn’t want to make a one-off donation and then simply forget about it. It was easy to set up via direct debit and as I am a taxpayer, CHIPS can claim back tax relief via Gift Aid.” – Barb is a PA in the City

2 It’s flexible

You can change or cancel your regular donation at any time and you don’t even need to tell us, although we always appreciate it if you can.

We understand that things may feel uncertain right now, so we want you know that you’re always welcome to contact us and ask for a payment holiday if something crops up – we’ll be happy to help!

We appreciate regular giving more than ever right now, while by the pandemic constrains our ability to raise income. So we’re offering our supporters the opportunity to help us through a challenging 2021 and then review in December whether you wish to continue or not. To do this, just set up your gift and then click here to send us an automated email.  Then we’ll contact you again at the end of the year!

“We want to make things as flexible as possible for our CHIPS Peacemakers. So whether you want to change or cancel your regular gift, take a payment holiday if your situation changes, or review your commitment at the end of the year before deciding if you want to continue, we completely understand and will be happy to help!” – Emily, Fundraising Officer, CHIPS

3 It makes a long-term difference

The tragic violence and division we see in our communities today has developed over decades. But by giving even a small amount regularly, you can make a big difference over time and help us make peace in a lasting and sustainable way.

“To hear of so many lives being destroyed by violence can leave us with a sense of helplessness but by giving monthly, I can play my own small part to bring hope! And to know that my money is being used by a team that knows the people personally – their names, their families and their individual stories – is important to me.” Ruth Jackson is a teacher from the South East

“What CHIPS is doing in Brixton is so good, and so important – and best of all it’s rooted in the local community! Building peace takes time, and I know I can best support their vision with a regular, monthly donation.” Liz Waldy has worked in the charity sector for more than 25 years

4 It changes lives

From giving a malnourished child in Ghana a brighter future, to helping young people in Brixton to become the leaders and positive role models of tomorrow, our CHIPS Peacemakers bring people in conflict situations together and transform lives.

But don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our CHIPS Peacemakers have to say:

5 It helps us plan ahead

A regular gift allows us to plan for the future because we know that we have a steady income stream that we can rely upon and we can worry less about where the next cheque might come from.

We can plan ahead better and respond quicker to new needs. Without regular income from our supporters like you, we simply wouldn’t be able to meet the cost of our overheads, or launch new projects that help our conflict-torn communities make peace.

“I would say to others: please be willing to provide regular, ongoing support so that CHIPS can focus all their energy and attention on the valuable work they are doing and are called to, rather than being distracted by where the money is going to come from!” – Alan is a chartered financial planner from the South East

“Regular monthly giving helps CHIPS to plan its work ahead – to know what commitments it can take on and to be able to be faithful to its staff” – Val is a retired teacher from Suffolk

6 It gives you more opportunity to get involved

We offer CHIPS Peacemakers the opportunity to get closer to our work if they wish, with personal invitations to CHIPS events, the possibility to have a CHIPS speaker at your church and community events, and the option to visit our projects or even volunteer (pandemics permitting!)

As a monthly giver, they involve you in their work – they are quite unique, in my experience, with their friendly and inclusive approach to their supporters!” – Barb is a PA in the City

Would you consider becoming a CHIPS Peacemaker today? Giving £10 a month is equivalent to the cost of just one takeaway coffee a week, but your regular gift could achieve a great deal!

The above examples are estimates of what your gift could achieve, given for illustration only. We will allocate the donations we receive across our different projects and operating costs according to need. If you would like your gift to go to a specific area of our work, feel free to let us know by emailing us here.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss what your regular gift could achieve or want us to post you a bank instruction form, just email Emily or call 020 7078 7439.

Thank you for helping us bring hope to more communities!

Could you fundraise for peace?

Our generous supporters have fundraised for CHIPS through a wide range of sponsored events and activities in recent years! Some examples include:

  • Sponsored walks, runs, cycle races, triathlons, half and full marathons!
  • Our German supporters host an annual Christmas carol service at which they take a collection for CHIPS
  • Baking delicious cakes and pastries in return for donations!
  • In one the more unusual challenges, one of our volunteers raised money by stopping drinking Diet Coke…
  • The Torbay and South Devon Writers Group donated all proceeds to CHIPS from ‘Battle’, a short anthology of stories and poetry.
  • We even had one couple who asked people to donate to CHIPS rather than give them gifts for their big wedding anniversary!

CHIPS fundraising pack

Why not contact us for a no-obligation copy of our fundraising pack, which includes lots of ideas along with advice and handy tips on how to make your fundraiser a success?

Our innovative fundraising platform

We use a fundraising platform called Givepenny for our sponsored activities. GivePenny allows you to set up an attractive personal challenge page quickly, and makes it super-easy to share your challenge with others. 

It also has some special features. For example, you can connect your fitness apps, such as Strava to your challenge or set up a Spotify playlist that people can add to by making a donation. Supporters can also choose to pledge now, and pay later if they prefer, or to donate per kilometre or per mile.

Donations like these account for more than half of donations across the platform and have been proven to increase donations by 300% – that’s a lot!

Take a look at our Givepenny page, and set up your own challenge any time. Just ask us for a hand if you need some inspiration or assistance – you can email us here.

Six ideas

Here are six of our top ideas for fundraising. Would you be up for one of these or do you have an idea of your own?

  • From Brixton to Bimbilla… We are trying to cover, through sponsored events, the 3,500-mile distance between Brixton to Bimbilla, where our Ghana project is based. From sponsored walks to runs and bike rides, we’d love your help to complete the journey!
  • Walking for peace… How about setting up or joining a walk in your area and burning off some calories? You can choose anything from a short ramble to a major hike and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. If you’re feeling brave, you could also check out some of these ideas from Action Challenge!
  • Food and drink… Maybe you’re more of a Mary Berry? Whether you hold them virtually or face-to-face, sponsored bakes, cake sales, coffee mornings (or even just old-fashioned pub quizzes) are all great ways to raise money while having fun!
  • Celebrate your birthday with us… Facebook birthday fundraisers have raised around £800 million for good causes. Simply create your post, click on the three dots on the right-hand side, select ‘Support Charity’ and add CHIPS!
  • Get active! Are you an adrenaline junkie? How about a sponsored bungee jump, skydive, zip slide, dive or swim?
  • Sponsored shave… One person we know recently raised over £2,000 for a good cause by shaving off his decades-old beard in church. Shaving your head or growing a moustache next ‘Movember’ are other ideas.

Or just leave it to us! If you tell us what sort of activity you are interested in, we’ll research and shortlist some ideas for you. We can also help you promote it on social media.

Feature case study: 100km in 24 hours with Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson, Co-Director of Development at CHIPS, walked 100km for CHIPS in 24 hours for the second year running!

Congratulations Andrew! What inspired you to take on the challenge?

Thanks, I wanted to do something that I knew would stretch me while having a fighting chance of success! I know peacemaking can be a long and hard process, and I wanted to identify in some way with our teams in Ghana and Brixton who are actually doing the hard work at grassroots level.  Of course, I also wanted to show my personal commitment to fundraising for CHIPS – not just asking other people to do it!

What was the highlight for you this year?

The challenge is very well organised and the early part of the Thames Path is ‘home from home’ for me which is nice – I grew up in that area and I’m able to meet my family en route (we actually walked past the end of the road where I used to live). I also really enjoyed walking and talking with my friend Mike who I co-opted to join me this year (thanks Mike…) I have to say the most inspiring section was the walk from Cookham to Henley on Sunday as the sun rose and a beautiful late summer morning dawned.  The river looked spectacular and that helped ease the pain – a bit!

And what was most challenging for you?

The worst part was the halfway point.  It wasn’t good. Both Mike and I found ourselves feeling unwell and, for a while, I really wasn’t sure I could carry on.  We hadn’t eaten enough of the right things over the first 50km and we were now paying the price. At moments like this, you really have to rely on your inner strength but it was also hugely inspiring to see how other people were willing to help us out. I was very grateful that our wives were able to meet us with a bowl of pasta, and a very kind fellow walker gave me an energy gel to add to my water.  The recovery was so miraculous that Mike started calling me Lazarus!!

How did you go about fundraising and what difference will the money make at CHIPS?

I set up a fundraising page for the event on give.net and then started asking people to sponsor me through social media and emails.  I set a high target and, just as last year, was so grateful for people’s generosity and support.

Together, Mike and I raised over £2,800 this year and I’m so grateful for the amazing support. Every pound makes a big difference to us to us at CHIPS.  Alongside regular monthly giving, the money raised from sponsored events is one of the most important ways of fundraising for CHIPS.

What would you say to others who may be thinking of fundraising for CHIPS?

Please do it! Sponsored personal activities really make a difference for CHIPS and we will give you all the support we can.  My experience is that once people hear about the work of CHIPS, they are inspired and will want to support you. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a marathon or a long walk – there are a lot of creative ideas out there for sponsored events and they don’t have to involve sore feet and blisters!


CHIPS launches Christmas appeal to bring peace to the streets of Brixton

For one week, donations will be doubled at no extra cost

London, 2 December 2019 – CHIPS, the international Christian peacemaking charity, today launched a Christmas fundraising appeal to raise money for its project tackling youth violence in Brixton.

The charity is participating in The Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s biggest match funding campaign. For seven days, from midday Tuesday 3 December until midday Tuesday 10 December, The Big Give offers people the opportunity to have their donations doubled while matched funds last.

CHIPS is seeking to raise £18,500 for its Voices for Change project. Voices for Change brings together and builds on two of CHIPS’ most successful areas of work in Brixton to date. These are community organising with young people affected by or at risk of serious youth violence, and partnership with schools to reduce the number of exclusions. CHIPS believes that both areas of work are important to tackling the causes of youth violence, and that delivering them together can have a powerful impact in helping building peace in Brixton.

The money the charity receives from the appeal will go directly to its community organising work, which builds on CHIPS’ experience in Brixton over the past six years. Through this work, the charity will engage and listen to young people and families in three of the area’s largest estates to understand their frustrations and concerns, and then partner with them and other local organisations to help them drive practical change in their communities.

Donations must be made online at chipspeace.org/biggive between midday Tuesday 3 December and midday Tuesday 10 December in order to qualify for match funding.

Richard Asomaning, Lead Youth and Community Organiser at CHIPS, said:

“Too many young lives have been lost to violence again this year but we believe that by listening to young people and empowering them to take action, we can help them to become positive changemakers in their communities.”

“Raising our £18,500 target this Christmas would make a big difference to us, helping to fund more grassroots youth workers and to develop more young community leaders for the future.”

Andrew Jackson, Co-Director for Development at CHIPS, said:

“At CHIPS, we rely on the generosity of the public to help us deliver our Brixton peacemaking work and The Big Give is an incredibly effective way to give to us this Christmas. From midday Tuesday 3 December until midday Tuesday 10 December, every donation to CHIPS will be doubled while matched funds last thanks to our partners, The Childhood Trust and The AS Charitable Trust.”

About CHIPS (Christian International Peacemaking Service)

CHIPS is a charity of Christian peacemakers, who have been living at the heart of conflict for over 50 years. From Brixton to Ghana, the charity is invited to join communities and help build a sustainable future free from violence and division. Inspired by the life of Jesus, CHIPS believes that the best way to bring about lasting peace is to take sides. Both sides. For more information, visit chipspeace.org

Follow us at facebook.com/chipspeace twitter.com/chipspeace and instagram.com/chipspeaceorg

About The Big Give

The Big Give offers the public the opportunity to discover charities and projects of interest, to make donations, and to double donations through match funding campaigns. It is responsible for the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign, the Christmas Challenge. In addition to match funding campaigns, it also provides a number of other services to help charities, individuals and philanthropists to connect and raise more money online. Since being founded by Sir Alec Reed in 2007, the Big Give has helped to raise over £112 million for UK-registered charities.


About The Childhood Trust

The Childhood Trust funds grassroots charities and their projects to alleviate the impact of child poverty in London.  It uses its funds to generate and match other donations, primarily through online fundraising campaigns and fundraising partnerships. Since 2013 its matched giving campaigns have raised £12.56m. It makes grants to proven charities that are working directly with disadvantaged children and its work is themed across three areas; meeting children’s practical needs, supporting children’s emotional needs and inspiring children with new experiences and opportunities.


Call for support… our Back to School appeal

From go-karting and a games and movie night… to trips to Thorpe Park in Surrey and the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton…

Around 20 young people seized the opportunity in August to try new experiences, visit new places and build new friendships thanks to our summer activity programme. Now they are keen to continue working with CHIPS.

13-year-old Thomas wrote to us recently to say “In August, CHIPS hosted a summer activity week for young people in Brixton. To be perfectly honest, I wish it didn’t end and hoped there was more of it.”

Meanwhile, Michael, Sheree and Stephen recently came to us and said they’d like to bring the community together through a BBQ, so we’ve been helping them to fundraise. And Tyler and Julie are keen to get more deeply involved in go-karting through a one-year stewardship programme.

With two new youth workers on board, we have the people at CHIPS to continue supporting them. But we need financial resources too. That’s why we’re launching our ‘Back to school’ appeal. We will use the money we raise to:

  • Match our young peoples’ own fundraising efforts for smaller one-off activities such as swimming and theatre visits, helping to encourage and reward their entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Fund larger group events, educational and leisure activities for which young people will be required to present a business case, helping them to improve their communication skills.
  • Any surplus money will be deployed across our wider work in Brixton, with the young people themselves being given a say in how it is spent.

A little amount of money can really help to make a big difference to these young people. Can you help CHIPS to build a lasting legacy from the summer work we’ve begun?

  • £10 will pay for around six young people to go swimming
  • £25 will buy reduced price theatre tickets for five young people
  • £50 will allow a young person to benefit from a year’s stewardship programme at a go-karting club

It’s quick and easy to set up a regular donation or make a one-off gift here on our website. Please enter the project code ‘SCHOOL’ on the payment page so that we can direct your gift to this campaign.

If you prefer to send a cheque by post, please address this to CHIPS SCHOOL Project, Unit 7, Warwick House, Overton Road, London SW9 7JP.

No gift is too small! Thank you for your support. 

Names in this article have been changed to protect privacy.

Love in Action – Could you give a gift of peace on Valentine’s Day ?

You might not think there is much of a connection between Valentine’s Day and peacemaking.  What can all those hearts and roses have to do with the long and often complicated work of bringing warring factions together ?

But as we celebrate one type of love, we’re reminded again that love is the foundation of all our peacemaking work.  As Martin Luther-King said:

‘Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend’.

In all we do helping communities build sustainable peace, we are encouraging and empowering people living in violent conflict to love those they see as their enemies.

Love in action in Ghana

Our team in Ghana are a wonderful example.  Drawn from the Nanumba and Konkomba – two tribes with a long history of violent conflict between them – our team live and work together in an area that has seen some of the worst outbreaks of violence and suffering.  

Six families –  three from one tribe and three from the other, show that it is possible for enemies to become friends and for there to be peace.

As the team go out from their shared home to work on our practical peacemaking projects, they go in pairs – one Konkomba and one Nanumba.  Travelling to communities together, every group they meet sees that, even where there has been violence and division, friendship, working together and peace are possible.

Could you join us ?

Could you join us in helping more communities like those in Northern Ghana see love in action ?

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Andrew Jackson – Co-Director (Development)   



At its start, I’d been watching Darren, our brilliant new community organiser, in action. He’s a former pupil of Evelyn Grace School. I marvelled at his skill in drawing out the anger of young people and quickly focusing this emotion in a positive way, asking them to paint a picture of “the world as it should be”.

We also co-hosted a community meal, gathering young people and adults together to share food and play games in a safe, fun and welcoming space for all. 

Then there was the shooting.

As I left our office on Thursday lunchtime, I heard a gunshot. I turned to see a young man with a weapon speed off on the back of a moped. The next couple of hours were a whirlwind of armed police, concerned neighbours and young people, and trying to process what had happened. Thankfully, the young man who was shot at was unharmed.

The previous day there had been three other shootings locally. By the middle of the following week the surge of violence had resulted in five young lives lost, four of them in South London. People we know took victims to hospital, witnessed a fatal fight, or had classmates killed. The ripples of trauma extend far beyond those directly involved.

What does this mean for the community? Maxine*, a single mum, lives near me in a flat on Angell Town. Because of the risk of violence, she never lets her boys (Jake* aged 9 and Owen* aged 11) go out to play unless she knows exactly where they are and who they are with. Normally she walks them to and from school. Ironically, the day that Maxine had finally felt able to let Owen walk home from school on his own was the day of the shooting. Next day, the Metro newspaper’s headline article highlighted that the peak time for knife violence is when young people are heading home after school. 

Maxine won’t let Jake and Owen walk home unaccompanied again. The shooting has taken its toll on many more people than the victim.

Paul Maxwell-Rose

*Names have been changed


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