Leaving a gift in your will

A message from our Chair of Trustees

From Cyprus to Uganda and from Ghana to Brixton, the conflict situations to which CHIPS has been called have usually developed over decades.

Likewise, building sustainable peace takes many years or even generations: as we say in CHIPS, we’ll stay for as long as it takes!

Gifts in wills can therefore be incredibly important to our long-term effectiveness.

My late husband Roy, our founder and original Director, first left us a legacy himself in the form of this charity. And today, a gift left to us in a will can still have one of the greatest impacts on our work and on our future development.

Of course, leaving a gift is a very significant and personal decision.
Whatever you ultimately decide to do, thank you so much for considering CHIPS.

And should you decide to include us, please do let us know. Leaving a legacy is the most wonderful act of generosity and we would love to talk to you in confidence to express our gratitude!

Elfrida Calvocoressi

Case study: A legacy of theology

Over 15 years ago, a highly-respected Cambridge professor of New Testament Theology left CHIPS a legacy which thrilled our founder, Roy. The professor had been Roy’s spiritual mentor and biblical referee for the New Testament peacemaking principles he was exploring. Roy and the trustees decided to earmark this legacy for training our teams, and others with an interest in the theology of peace. We remain grateful for his amazing generosity and this very practical affirmation of CHIPS!

Things to consider

When leaving a gift in your will, you should consider what type of gift is right for you, for example:

  • Residuary gift. This is a share or percentage of your estate, after all debt and other legacies have been paid.
  • Pecuniary gift. This is a fixed amount of money. As it will devalue over time, you can choose to index-link it.
  • Specific gift, for example property, shares or jewellery.

If you are considering leaving a gift to CHIPS, the correct information for your solicitor to include is: “CHIPS (Christian International Peace Service) or its successor, Registered Charity Number 1174527.”

To allow us to grow our work sustainably, you can choose for us to invest your legacy where it’s most needed over time, across different projects and core operating costs.

Staying in touch

If you’re interested in learning more about leaving a legacy of peace, please email us with your contact details and we’ll post you our leaflet about leaving a gift to CHIPS in your will.

If you wish to discuss anything further, including what your gift could achieve, please email Emily or call us on 020 078 7439.

And, if you do decide to include us in your will, please let us know so we can say thank you properly! 

Case study: a legacy of foresight

A long-time CHIPS supporter left CHIPS a large proportion of her portfolio to be invested as shares in ethical companies. This ‘living legacy’ acts as a cushion for us during lean times, and provides some regular income from dividends too. We are therefore doubly grateful for her generous gift and her thoughtfulness!

CHIPS Church Peace Partners

Introduction from our Co-Director

Does your church want to be a community that supports peace?

At CHIPS, we deeply appreciate the support we receive from our church partners, from prayer and encouragement to insight which helps us to become better peacemakers. We believe that every follower of Jesus is called to be a peacemaker, and that local churches too have an important role to play in peace and reconciliation. 

We offer all our CHIPS Church Peace Partners a speaker for their service and/ or small groups on the work of CHIPS or a broader, peace-related theme. We provide prayer points as well as Peace Packs which help churches to mark key events such as Peace Sunday and Remembrance Sunday.

For those who want to go deeper, we offer opportunities to attend occasional CHIPS events, to visit us and volunteer, as well as mentoring and training on how to go about practical peacemaking in local communities.

We offer a choice of three types of partnership and in return, we ask that partners pray for our work and support us financially in some way.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please email me or call me  on 07883 950 458 for an informal discussion – we’d love to hear from you!

Andrew Jackson, Co-Director (Development)                    

Case study: Framlingham Baptist Community Church

“We chose to support the CHIPS Brixton team as they work on the front-line against knife and gun crime, mentoring young people to avoid gang culture that leads to violence. Living in rural Suffolk, we have limited exposure to these day-to-day challenges and it’s important to us to support other local youth leaders working in this area.

Partnership gives us the opportunity to interact with the CHIPS team, to pray regularly for them, and one of our congregation hopes to volunteer with them!”                                   

How our partnership works: our commitments to you

  • Regular updates on our work, including prayer points, project updates and Peace Packs around key dates on the church calendar.
  • A CHIPS speaker for your church service and/ or small group at least once a year.
  • The opportunity to send delegates to occasional CHIPS conferences, events and training and to visit and volunteer with our projects.
  • Where requested, tailored one-to-one advice, support and training for local churches considering how they can ‘do’ peacemaking in their local communities.

Your commitments to us

  • Pray for us regularly as a congregation and/ or in small groups, with the support of the prayer points we share.
  • Financial support through a regular monthly or annual gift, depending on the size of your congregation and the type of partnership you choose.
  • Choose which partnership model is best for your needs (see below).

General Partner

General Partners are connected to CHIPS across all our projects. We provide updates and prayer points and ask partners to make a regular monthly or annual donation based on the size of their congregation.

Project Partner

Project Partners choose to support a particular project in Brixton or Ghana. We provide specific updates and prayer points and ask partners to make a contribution to the annual budget of that project.

Development Partner

Development Partners help us to bring a new project to life. We provide specific updates and prayer points related to the project and invite you to visit where possible. We ask partners to contribute towards the costs of making the new project sustainable.

Case study: Reality Church London

“Reality Church London chose to partner with CHIPS because of our desire to have a tangible local presence in an area that concerns us deeply – helping facilitate the peace of Christ with people struggling with conflict.”


Could you fundraise for peace?

Our generous supporters have fundraised for CHIPS through a wide range of sponsored events and activities in recent years! Some examples include:

  • Sponsored walks, runs, cycle races, triathlons, half and full marathons!
  • Our German supporters host an annual Christmas carol service at which they take a collection for CHIPS
  • Baking delicious cakes and pastries in return for donations!
  • In one the more unusual challenges, one of our volunteers raised money by stopping drinking Diet Coke…
  • The Torbay and South Devon Writers Group donated all proceeds to CHIPS from ‘Battle’, a short anthology of stories and poetry.
  • We even had one couple who asked people to donate to CHIPS rather than give them gifts for their big wedding anniversary!

CHIPS fundraising pack

Why not contact us for a no-obligation copy of our fundraising pack, which includes lots of ideas along with advice and handy tips on how to make your fundraiser a success?

Our innovative fundraising platform

We use a fundraising platform called Givepenny for our sponsored activities. GivePenny allows you to set up an attractive personal challenge page quickly, and makes it super-easy to share your challenge with others. 

It also has some special features. For example, you can connect your fitness apps, such as Strava to your challenge or set up a Spotify playlist that people can add to by making a donation. Supporters can also choose to pledge now, and pay later if they prefer, or to donate per kilometre or per mile.

Donations like these account for more than half of donations across the platform and have been proven to increase donations by 300% – that’s a lot!

Take a look at our Givepenny page, and set up your own challenge any time. Just ask us for a hand if you need some inspiration or assistance – you can email us here.

Six ideas

Here are six of our top ideas for fundraising. Would you be up for one of these or do you have an idea of your own?

  • From Brixton to Bimbilla… We are trying to cover, through sponsored events, the 3,500-mile distance between Brixton to Bimbilla, where our Ghana project is based. From sponsored walks to runs and bike rides, we’d love your help to complete the journey!
  • Walking for peace… How about setting up or joining a walk in your area and burning off some calories? You can choose anything from a short ramble to a major hike and ask your friends and family to sponsor you. If you’re feeling brave, you could also check out some of these ideas from Action Challenge!
  • Food and drink… Maybe you’re more of a Mary Berry? Whether you hold them virtually or face-to-face, sponsored bakes, cake sales, coffee mornings (or even just old-fashioned pub quizzes) are all great ways to raise money while having fun!
  • Celebrate your birthday with us… Facebook birthday fundraisers have raised around £800 million for good causes. Simply create your post, click on the three dots on the right-hand side, select ‘Support Charity’ and add CHIPS!
  • Get active! Are you an adrenaline junkie? How about a sponsored bungee jump, skydive, zip slide, dive or swim?
  • Sponsored shave… One person we know recently raised over £2,000 for a good cause by shaving off his decades-old beard in church. Shaving your head or growing a moustache next ‘Movember’ are other ideas.

Or just leave it to us! If you tell us what sort of activity you are interested in, we’ll research and shortlist some ideas for you. We can also help you promote it on social media.

Feature case study: 100km in 24 hours with Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson, Co-Director of Development at CHIPS, walked 100km for CHIPS in 24 hours for the second year running!

Congratulations Andrew! What inspired you to take on the challenge?

Thanks, I wanted to do something that I knew would stretch me while having a fighting chance of success! I know peacemaking can be a long and hard process, and I wanted to identify in some way with our teams in Ghana and Brixton who are actually doing the hard work at grassroots level.  Of course, I also wanted to show my personal commitment to fundraising for CHIPS – not just asking other people to do it!

What was the highlight for you this year?

The challenge is very well organised and the early part of the Thames Path is ‘home from home’ for me which is nice – I grew up in that area and I’m able to meet my family en route (we actually walked past the end of the road where I used to live). I also really enjoyed walking and talking with my friend Mike who I co-opted to join me this year (thanks Mike…) I have to say the most inspiring section was the walk from Cookham to Henley on Sunday as the sun rose and a beautiful late summer morning dawned.  The river looked spectacular and that helped ease the pain – a bit!

And what was most challenging for you?

The worst part was the halfway point.  It wasn’t good. Both Mike and I found ourselves feeling unwell and, for a while, I really wasn’t sure I could carry on.  We hadn’t eaten enough of the right things over the first 50km and we were now paying the price. At moments like this, you really have to rely on your inner strength but it was also hugely inspiring to see how other people were willing to help us out. I was very grateful that our wives were able to meet us with a bowl of pasta, and a very kind fellow walker gave me an energy gel to add to my water.  The recovery was so miraculous that Mike started calling me Lazarus!!

How did you go about fundraising and what difference will the money make at CHIPS?

I set up a fundraising page for the event on give.net and then started asking people to sponsor me through social media and emails.  I set a high target and, just as last year, was so grateful for people’s generosity and support.

Together, Mike and I raised over £2,800 this year and I’m so grateful for the amazing support. Every pound makes a big difference to us to us at CHIPS.  Alongside regular monthly giving, the money raised from sponsored events is one of the most important ways of fundraising for CHIPS.

What would you say to others who may be thinking of fundraising for CHIPS?

Please do it! Sponsored personal activities really make a difference for CHIPS and we will give you all the support we can.  My experience is that once people hear about the work of CHIPS, they are inspired and will want to support you. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a marathon or a long walk – there are a lot of creative ideas out there for sponsored events and they don’t have to involve sore feet and blisters!