A busy Brixton summer!


2021 brought a busy summer for our Brixton team and the young people we work with, made all the more special for everyone as Covid restrictions finally lifted! We asked a few of our CHIPS team about their highlights…

Herbarium project – learning to care for our environment

This project, which launched in Spring in partnership with San Mei Gallery, successfully continued during the summer. It brought together young people from Lilian Baylis school and our youth clubs, to grow plants, revamp a community garden in Angell Town, and learn about caring for our environment with the help of several local organisations, an artist, an architect, an award-winning film-maker and the educational team at Kew Gardens.

Our CHIPS partners Michelle and Abdoul took a group of young people to Cullinan Studio Architects for a presentation by an architectural assistant, a discussion about the Accelerate programme which helps secondary school-age students explore careers in architecture, and a tour of the beautiful office designed and rebuilt by Ted Cullinan and his team.

This was followed by a walk along the canals, and a sightseeing tour of the narrow boats, in vibrant Camden Town.

Michelle recalls: “We did a lot of walking and one of my highlights was observing how peaceful some of the young people were as they enjoyed laying or sitting on the canal tow path, watching the narrow boats sailing by. Some of the young people had never had an opportunity to come to Camden before and one young person said they couldn’t wait to visit again!” 

Fun with film

CHIPS Youth Worker Kamika supervised a successful film-making day with San Mei Gallery, helping young people to record and celebrate their journey on the Herbarium project, supported by the expertise and editing skills of Ollie, an award-winning TV film-maker.

The film will be premiered at San Mei Gallery on the 25 September along with a guest speaker, award ceremony and live entertainment for the young people, their parents and all the wonderful organisations who made the project happen.

“It will also be an opportunity to discuss new projects coming up, share ideas for the future, and explore how the young people can continue to be involved and develop”, said Kam and Michelle.

Pizza Making at the Garden Museum

You mightn’t be surprised to learn that pizza is one of the favourite foods for many of our young people. So we organised a summer visit to the Garden Museum, with the opportunity to learn how to make pizza from scratch, starting off with the pizza dough, then preparing and chopping the toppings, and creating their own mini pizzas which they scoffed for lunch!

They also made a rainbow coleslaw, with several of the ingredients from the garden on the premises. The session was great fun and the children also learned about cooking techniques, the cooking process, and kitchen safety including how they should handle knives.

CHIPS Youth Worker Jemmar adds: “This was followed by a walk along Thames at South Bank, taking in the National COVID Memorial Wall on the southbank and reading thousands of messages from those who have lost their loved ones. We finished the day with a final pitstop at Starbucks.”


September’s arrival means the young people have returned to school. But we hope and pray that the skills, experiences and new friendships they gained this summer will remain with them. For our part, we’ll continue to partner with and support them during the academic year through our youth clubs and other community projects!