Boxing for peace!


Updated 19 October 2020

With many people in Lambeth feeling stuck and isolated at home, we’ve been busy thinking of creative ways to help them keep active and healthy, while supporting their mental health.

One of the ways we decided to help combat quarantine is with Virtual BoxCercise Classes.

Now, that may sound like a strange choice for peacemakers! But as our volunteer Michelle, who runs the classes, says “It’s a great way to start the day, allowing you to release your tension, aggression and anxieties, and helps you to focus on the day ahead in a more peaceful and positive way!”

Boxercise is known to help with focus and discipline, which is helpful in a time of lockdown. It also stimulates the mind, which has been proven to aid mental agility and decision-making.

Michelle says she started boxing several years ago after her mum passed away suddenly. Her mum had suffered with mental health issues for a long time and Michelle was in a state of grief and I did not know how to mourn once she had died.  

“When I tried boxing and punching out it felt like my tears of sadness and anger were leaving my body”, she says.

At her local boxing gym, Michelle was given an opportunity to gain a qualification to tutor the children of the gym and also a boxing level 1 qualification, which then gave her the opportunity to train adults too. She soon decided to set up her own business working with women because, as she explains:

“Seeing women working together is very important to me. Seeing my sisters empowering themselves by learning self defence skills whilst having fun with funky music being played throughout the class creates a really positive vibe!”

We’re so glad to have someone of Michelle’s expertise and motivation on board!

The classes are open to all Lambeth residents, male and female, and suitable for everyone age 8 to 88.

Every Wednesday at 10am, the class includes a warm-up and workout as well as an introduction to principal boxing moves.

If you’re in Lambeth and want to join, or know someone else who does, please email Michelle at with the title ‘Register 10am’ and Michelle will send you your joining instructions!

This service is available to Lambeth residents only.

Michelle’s website is and you can follow her on Instagram too!