Black Minds Matter!


Two of the big positives of the crisis for us so far are the way the voluntary sector has come together to support each other, and the new services that we see being launched.
At CHIPS, partnering with other community organisations is a pillar of our strategy. One key element of our crisis response work in Brixton is to signpost people to other organisations that can help with their specialist needs and of course this approach is reciprocal – we gladly take referrals from other organisations too!
One new service being launched right now is Black Minds Matter.
At CHIPS, we see the mental health impacts of the pandemic and discrimination every day. Like us, Black Minds Matter understands that the effects of racial discrimination are deeply triggering for many Black people and treating mental health must be a priority in the fight for equality.
However, it is increasingly difficult to access affordable or timely mental health support, thanks to an overstretched NHS. Black Minds Matter therefore aims to link as many Black individuals and families as it can with certified Black practitioners as quickly as possible. And it has launched a crowdfunding appeal to cover the cost of these sessions for those who need them.
We see a great and growing need for this type of service through our work with families and young people in Lambeth and we have already referred a number of people we work with, so we hope it will be up and running soon. In the meantime, you can support this new service by donating to their appeal here .
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