Check out our impact report!


Our 2020 impact report is now ready to read or download. And it’s full of stories of hope, fun facts and details about how our peacemaking projects have made a difference over the past 12 months!

Did you know that, in Lambeth during 2020:

  • We made over 1,000 family support calls lasting 190 hours during the height of the pandemic
  • We donated around 27 laptops and 15 WiFi modems to help students continue learning while schools were closed
  • We provided almost 500 hours of mentoring to around 40 students at risk of exclusion

And in Ghana:

  • 617 people from different tribes participated in our animal rearing groups, farming sheep, goats and chickens!
  • 602 members of our susu groups saved almost £18,300
  • We built 60 new toilets, for use by more than 7,000 villagers!

For more like this, read or download the report here!