A Spirituality of Peacemaking by Elfrida Calvocoressi

Christians are called to be peacemakers - to bring the peace and love of God into the heart of conflict, so that forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope may prevail. 

This detailed study offers insight and advice to those working in the field of Christian peacemaking, drawn from the life and work of Roy Calvocoressi OBE and the charity he founded, CHIPS.

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Making Peace by Keith Lindsey

Making Peace

Preface by Lord Anderson of Swansea.

This 96 page manual brings together the biblical principles behind the work of CHIPS with examples of how they have worked out in practice.

The manual is suitable for individual study but also has suggestions for how it could be used in a group setting, making it suitable for use by Homegroups, Peace fellowships, Bible study groups etc.

See the contents page here. Price £5.99 excluding P&P. We can offer discounts for orders of 8 books or more. This manual is now available as a free download. It is a pdf file of size 3MB.


Litany of LoveLitany of Love

This litany came out of Bible study on the subject of Love. It is intended for thoughtful prayer. For use when at prayer:

when exasperated at work, when rejoicing in creation, when giving thanks, when leading prayer in church or in a small group, when frustrated with your child, when there is tension at home, when watching the sunset, when travelling in rush hour.

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Remembrance - notes for discussion leaders on the theme of peace-making which arise from the annual Remembrance Sunday

The discussion notes can be downloaded here. Watch this space for more resources and links …