Brixton goes to Greenbelt!

CHIPS supporter and volunteer Julia Rose writes:

A giant map of Brixton, including the Angell Town estate where a CHIPS team plans to live and work, was seen in the G-Source marquee at the Greenbelt Festival this summer. Hidden behind black and white photos of key Brixton buildings were brilliantly coloured tales of the great work already going on in the area to address some of the social problems encountered by the communities.

RECRUITING: Communications & Fundraising Officer

Want to join the small team of CHIPS office staff working to enable our peacemaking work around the world? We are now recruiting for the key post of Communications & Fundraising Officer!

We are seeking a dynamic, creative Christian who is excellent at managing a variety of projects and would like to be central to the growth of CHIPS future activities.

Please see the job and person specification for full details. Deadline for applications is 9am on 10th November, so please apply now!

Peacemaking in South London

Angell Town Estate, Brixton

The Setting

Here in South London, in the midst of one of the most diverse areas in the south of England, a new CHIPS project is slowly taking shape. We have been invited by Street Pastors and the local church to work in this area which has a backdrop of vibrant creativity, ongoing gentrification, new redevelopment, and a history of social unrest. The rise of a sub-culture of youth violence and the designation of territories makes this the ideal place for establishing a new CHIPS base.

A Poem for Peace

This year we commemorate a war that scarred a generation,
Who fought the war to end all wars for the honour of the nation.
The problem is it didn’t … end all wars I mean,
We just keep building more innovative killing machines.
Since 1914 the fighting has rarely ceased,
Yet we put our hope and trust in the Prince of Peace.
Cause God promises that there WILL be peace on Earth,
When people and creation realise their worth.
God sent his son to show another way to live,
And to be reconciled, his life he chose to give.
In an explosion of love, death was overcome.
Raised in new life, the fight against evil was won!

Elfrida in Ghana

Elfrida and the CHIPS Ghana team

by CHIPS Trustee Elfrida Calvocoressi

I visited West Africa for the very first time when I went to see the CHIPS Team in the Northern Region of Ghana.

CHIPS Team Leader Desmond and all the Team Members warmly welcomed me to Nakpayili on Monday June 9th. I was made to feel very much at home, and enjoyed all aspects of living in the CHIPS base - in a beautifully-built round house for each person, sharing their unfamiliar food, which I rapidly came to like. The afternoon siesta proved a welcome institution, as temperatures were in the high 30’s C, with 98% humidity!

Invest in Peace!

Opportunity to Invest in New Peacemaking Project in London

I am delighted to announce an opportunity to help CHIPS realise the new vision of an active, incarnational, practical peacemaking project here in the UK.

This is an ethical investment opportunity, where you can let your money go to good use. By offering an equity loan through our partners Mission Housing you would help to purchase a property in which a new CHIPS team will be established.

We have now had an offer accepted, so we need to secure the remainder of the investment as soon as possible. Please get in contact as soon as possible, with any expression of interest in this opportunity.

A Celebration of Peace through Presence

Weaving a web of peace

CHIPS Supporter John Hopkins writes:

Hilfield Friary, a Community House of the Anglican Society of St Francis on the edge of the beautiful Dorset Downs, hosted a stimulating weekend led by Paul Rose, Elfrida Calvocoressi and Jonathan Herbert.

A diverse group of participants lived and shared together as they explored how Jesus’ incarnation and way of being with people continues to provide opportunities to bring peace in the world.

Being There - Peacemaking through Presence Weekend - 21st to 23rd Feb

CHIPS Uganda workers

Come and join a weekend of study, prayer and fellowship at Hilfield Friary exploring how Jesus' incarnation and way of being with people can continue to bring peace to our world.

The weekend will look particularly at how the incarnational aspects of peacemaking in the New Testament have been drawn through into the practical experience of Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS) around the world.

The weekend will begin on the evening of Friday 21st February and end in the early afternoon on Sunday 23rd. There is a recommended donation of £100 covering food and accommodation. See the flyer for full details.

To register or for more information, please contact Hilfield Friary on or 01300 341741, or contact us.

The Refugee Before the Crib: Christian Reflections from the Maronite Archbishop of Damascus

Photo courtesy of Save the Children

Syria, at this Christmas time, resembles very much, the crib: an opened crib, with no doors, cold, deprived and extremely poor.

The Child Jesus doesn't lack companions in Syria… Thousands of children who lost their homes are living under tents as poor as Bethlehem’s crib.

Jesus is not alone in his extreme poverty. Syrian Children abandoned children and scarred by scenes of violence want to be in in the place of Jesus who has parents that surrounding him and cherishing him.

This taste of bitterness is very visible in the eyes of these Syrian children, their tears and their silence…