Help us seek peace in South London - we need your support!

After months of prayer, relationship building and research, we are now preparing to step up our London project. In early 2015, we will employ a passionate and skilled Team Leader to head up this initiative.

This person's role will be to engage with the community, support our small team, set up collaborative partnerships with other organisations and plan a practical project as we seek peace in Brixton and South London. To make this possible, we will need an extra £25,000 minimum each year.

Run the Great North Run to Support CHIPS

We have 5 sought-after places in the Great North Run up for grabs! All you need to do is commit to raise a minimum of £250 for CHIPS and you can get a guaranteed place for free. We'll send you a CHIPS-branded running vest/t-shirt and give you all the help we can with organising fundraising, as well as support on the day of the race. If you'd like to find out more info or let us know your interest then please contact us here

New projects and visits to CHIPS Ghana

The team in Ghana reports that there has been excellent progress with many activities. New activities include bee keeping in Lungni, a women's group in Wulensi where CHIPS has not been working previously, the building of many more soak-aways, a significant expansion of the hygiene and sanitation work in primary schools in the area, and nutrition with households in Nakpayili, which has been enabled by training from a district expert.

There have been two separate visits to Ghana by CHIPS Trustees since our last Newsletter:

Investment pours in to support new Brixton Base


CHIPS Director Paul Rose writes:

What incredible provision God puts before us! Six months ago I wrote to you all laying out a vision for CHIPS in Brixton and seeking significant investment to help us get the property that might enable us to live in the heart of the estate.

And now, six months on, I can tell you that God moved in incredible ways through many of you and through others we had never before known to enable us to raise over £650,000 in investment!

Teso/Karamoja Border communities continue to flourish!

CHIPS Director Paul Rose was delighted to find that communities along the area where CHIPS and our partner CPAD have worked over the years were developing and seen as examples of positive inter-ethnic relationships in the region. Though issues over land continued to simmer in some areas, the good harvest of crops such as peanuts and the continued excellent growth of the staple food, cassava, enabled these areas to be safe from the threat of famine that hung over the region to the east of there.

Brixton goes to Greenbelt!

CHIPS supporter and volunteer Julia Rose writes:

A giant map of Brixton, including the Angell Town estate where a CHIPS team plans to live and work, was seen in the G-Source marquee at the Greenbelt Festival this summer. Hidden behind black and white photos of key Brixton buildings were brilliantly coloured tales of the great work already going on in the area to address some of the social problems encountered by the communities.

RECRUITING: Communications & Fundraising Officer

Want to join the small team of CHIPS office staff working to enable our peacemaking work around the world? We are now recruiting for the key post of Communications & Fundraising Officer!

We are seeking a dynamic, creative Christian who is excellent at managing a variety of projects and would like to be central to the growth of CHIPS future activities.

Please see the job and person specification for full details. Deadline for applications is 9am on 10th November, so please apply now!

Peacemaking in South London

Angell Town Estate, Brixton

The Setting

Here in South London, in the midst of one of the most diverse areas in the south of England, a new CHIPS project is slowly taking shape. We have been invited by Street Pastors and the local church to work in this area which has a backdrop of vibrant creativity, ongoing gentrification, new redevelopment, and a history of social unrest. The rise of a sub-culture of youth violence and the designation of territories makes this the ideal place for establishing a new CHIPS base.

A Poem for Peace

This year we commemorate a war that scarred a generation,
Who fought the war to end all wars for the honour of the nation.
The problem is it didn’t … end all wars I mean,
We just keep building more innovative killing machines.
Since 1914 the fighting has rarely ceased,
Yet we put our hope and trust in the Prince of Peace.
Cause God promises that there WILL be peace on Earth,
When people and creation realise their worth.
God sent his son to show another way to live,
And to be reconciled, his life he chose to give.
In an explosion of love, death was overcome.
Raised in new life, the fight against evil was won!