Fatal Shooting of Ogarrao Dixon

We are devestated to relay the news that there has been a fatal shooting on the Brixton estates. A young man, Ogarrao Dixon - affectionately known as ‘Gora’, was murdered on Marcella Road on the 17th June.

Police were called at 12.48am to reports of a seriously injured man at Kings College Hospital. Doctors did what they could to save the 24 year old, however Ogarrao was pronounced dead less than hour later at 1.25am.

Prayer walk around the Brixton Project

On Saturday, the 4th June the CHIPS Brixton Team led a prayer walk around the area. It was a really beautiful event with times of reflection and asking God for reconciliation. The walk started at the new CHIPS Brixton flat on Loughborough Estate and visited many areas. There was a time of prayer for Saint Johns Church, St Johns Primary School and for the Residents Management Organisation. Some of the prayers were specifically for Ogarrao Dixon, a young man who died on Marcella Road from a shooting on June 17th, this year.

CHIPS Ambassadors event, Henley

On the 16th May there was a gathering in Henley, of all the wonderful people who signed up to be CHIPS Ambassadors. It was really special having so many people who were passionate about peace and the work of CHIPS in the same place. A huge thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the day. We really appreciate all your amazing efforts and support of CHIPs as a charity.

Exploring the issue of identity with children at St Johns School, Angell Town

Although we are only six and a half weeks into the London Project, there is already exciting progress being made. The London Team have been busy building relationships with various agencies and organisations in the area, which can be both challenging and rewarding. Paul (CHIPS Director) and Josh (London Project Coordinator) have visited a local school a number of times and are building up a solid partnership with them. 

'I was glad I was there' - Gay talks about the CHIPS jazz night fundraiser

Although we were one of many neighbours who celebrated Paul’s arrival into the world, the years have whizzed by and there have only been a few occasions when we have shared events during his childhood, teenage and now adult years.

Geoff and I therefore had no hesitation in saying ‘yes’ when Julia asked us if we were free on the 18th April as there was to be a jazz evening to support the CHIPS charity that is very much part of Paul’s life.

Uganda Project searches for funding partners

Last year the CHIPS Uganda project became it's own independent charity which now goes by the name of CPAD.

The latest news from the CPAD board is that they are working hard to seek funding for their new programmes in the area around the border. They have developed some good proposals for their work supporting schools in the many communities which are well established there. They have also been sending out a proposal for a poultry project at Okulonyo and in surrounding villages.

It is great news that these proposals have been completed and so we will now be praying with the CPAD board that funders in Uganda and elsewhere will pick up these opportunities.