CHIPS is based in Nakpayili, northeast Ghana. The team has been there since 2011 and is made from two ethnic groups: three Nanumba and three Konkomba. 

Conflict over land and power between these two groups has persisted for decades. Violence, uncertainty and mistrust has left communities divided, deprived and in poverty.

The CHIPS team empowers local communities to improve their lives through practical projects such as building toilets, making hand washing facilities for primary schools, preparing and using natural medicines, supporting self-help groups and local enterprises such as bee keeping and training village based vets.  Each project enables people from both sides to work together to support their families and the wider community.

To date, over 7,500 lives have been impacted by the work of CHIPS.

Our latest projects in Ghana, each led by women, are in the villages of Coraji and Mojado (see above). When women are involved in the peacemaking and rebuilding process, its long term success increases by 20%.  Giving them our support and resources has to be a priority.

Previous projects include a micro-loans initiative set up by women in Nakpayili. An average loan of £15 enables a woman to invest in small scale farming or trading which generates benefits for their whole household.  Since it began, over 9,200 Ghanaian cedi (£1662) has been saved and loaned through the CHIPS team and these groups.

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