There has been a wide variety of CHIPS events over the last six months, including... 

Julia and Bernard Rose ran a highly successful jazz event in Suffolk to raise publicity and funds for CHIPS. The event involved an evening of live jazz, refreshments and a talk from Paul Rose on our vision.
Julia and Bernard did a fantastic job organising and promoting the event - even getting Olivia Castle to perform. Olivia was runner-up in the BBC Radio 2 Chorister of the Year final and has since become a talented UK Jazz vocalist. One audience members  commented that ‘every table was occupied and the atmosphere was electric’

On the 16th May there was a gathering at Bix Bottom of the CHIPS 50th Anniversary Committee and all the people who signed up to be CHIPS Ambassadors (see back of newsletter). It was really special having so many people who are passionate about peace in the same place - coming from all over England and even Scotland. 

One session was spent exploring what the role of Ambassador could involve. An attendee commented that everyone there was already being a CHIPS Ambassador in their own way, and that being given the official title was a way of acknowledging their hard work. It was also noted that having help from the CHIPS Team will enable them share the vision more effectively.

On the 10th June, CHIPS ran an event in Islington, London, with Tearfund Rhythms and Threads, entitled “Conflict, Peace and Us”. We heard from three inspiring speakers who were addressing different aspects of peacemaking from a local, national and international perspective. Paul Rose drew on CHIPS’ peacemaking methodology and their experience in Brixton to explore how to identify and engage in conflict in our own neighbourhoods. 

The event was a great success, with all the tickets being reserved a week before the date by people from all over the country. Many people requested to attend future events run by the charity and wanted Paul to speak at their school, church or university. 

If you would like Paul to speak at your University, school or Church, do get in touch here and we will arrange a date to suit you