We are excited to say that we are in the process of gathering a mighty team of CHIPS Ambassadors, which we invite you to be a part of.. 

What are there Ambassadors you speak of?
CHIPS Ambassadors make a vital contribution to our peacemaking ministry. They are people who are passionate about the vision of CHIPS and actively contribute to ensuring that the charity, and its work, thrives into the future.

Ambassadors can contribute in many different ways:

  • Sharing your ideas and thoughts with us
  • Promoting the work of CHIPS in your local area
  • Fundraising for the charity
  • Organising events
  • Being a point of contact in your local area for people who may be interested in finding out about us

Ambassadors can be individuals who share the vision of CHIPS to the people around them, or groups who meet together and support each other along the journey. Whatever form is right for you, we can guarantee that you will have the full support of the CHIPS team and our guidance every step of the way. We will equip and support you in this role, invite you to special weekends with the team, give you opportunities to visit projects and provide you with special resources to help promotion/fundraising, etc.If you are interested in being an Ambassador, please contact the CHIPS team.