The team in Ghana have long been receiving valuable training in natural medicine work through our partnering project Discover. We really appreciate the teaching and the guidance that this organisation has been able to give us. It has allowed the team to treat people for various illnesses such as skin diseases, diarrhoea, cough and respiratory illnesses, cuts and bruises, stomach ulcers, vomiting and supportive treatments for maleria. The team also do a lot of work addressing issues of female reproductive health and general nutrition.

This week the team are welcoming visitors from the US, Germany and the south of Ghana. Jutta and George, long-time friends of the project, are visiting with a nurse called Dani.   .

Together they are working closely with the team and those they have trained in Natural Medicine to develop their knowledge and skills, sharing methods, successes and challenges. We're delighted that the team and communities have this valuable input and pray that their visit will be a great time of growth and strengthening of the team in this area.

This will be a big benefit as the team are increasingly treating people at the base in Nakapayili, with many visitors coming from the surrounding villages to buy the excellent natural medicines which the team make. Please be praying with them and remembering them especially on Fridays, which is their designated treatment day.