The last update we gave you was that, sadly, we had to withdraw our offer on a seven bedroom house in October, following problems with the valuation. But that, with Mission Housing still strongly backing the project, we were seeking alternative properties. 

Paul has moved onto the estate into temporary accomodattion as he has kindly been given a space by a couple in the local Church. Through this, he is spending time meeting with groups in the area, volunteering as a Street Pastor and getting involved in Church life. Excitingly, this means that CHIPS has already built up a wide range of relationships - with indiividuals and organisations. It would be great to be able to move in properly as soon as possible, and start growing these connections.

So, it is with great joy that we can update you that we have found a three bedroom flat located on the east side of the estate, which seems perfect for the Brixton project. The vision is that this flat would be used to house the London Coordinator, who is due to be appointed in March, and Alex and Janie - who are dedicating their time to the project. We would then look for another flat on the other side of the estate for Paul and Katherine to move into. This would mean that CHIPS had a presence spread across the estate – perfect for creating a wealth of relationships on different sides of the conflict.

The only hurdle for the three bedroom flat is that we are still waiting on two reports to be delivered from surveys done on the place. If these come back successful then we are pleased to say that we are 'all systems go'! - ready to move in and be an active presence for peace in the community.

We would appreciate you keeping the London project in your prayers and the beautiful vision that has been had for the area. Specifically, that there are no problems with the survey reports and that the team can move in as quickly as possible to start building on the valuable relationships already made. We are also concerned that the funding has not come through for the London Project Coordinator as we had hoped. Please please pray for Gods provision of this vital role and that the right inidividual gets appointed. We really appreciate everything that you all do to make these projects a reality. Thank you so much for your support.