CHIPS Director Paul Rose was delighted to find that communities along the area where CHIPS and our partner CPAD have worked over the years were developing and seen as examples of positive inter-ethnic relationships in the region. Though issues over land continued to simmer in some areas, the good harvest of crops such as peanuts and the continued excellent growth of the staple food, cassava, enabled these areas to be safe from the threat of famine that hung over the region to the east of there.

CHIPS' partnership with the local organisation Christian Peace and Development (CPAD) is now based on prayer, training and encouragement, rather than financial support. This has been a difficult time of transition for CPAD and complications both within and outside the organisation have meant that no practical activity is ongoing at present while they continue to seek local funding. However, we continue to pray with those passionate about seeking peace in the border areas, so we will continue to pray with CPAD in our monthly prayer letters, as well as praying for other organisations working for peace in the region.

We thank you for all you have done over the years to support CHIPS and CPAD as we've been part of God’s peace growing in this area which has experienced such conflict. With that in mind, we ask that you continue to support them and us in prayer during this new phase in our relationship with the region.