Speaking topics: faith, community, peace-making and development.

Paul has been working in the humanitarian field for eight years now. When he finished studying Maths at Cambridge University, he worked for Action Against Hunger, before joining Christian International Peace Service (CHIPS) in January 2009.

He started his work for CHIPS in NE Uganda, where he spent four months working for reconciliation between the Iteso and Karimojong tribes. Later that same year he travelled to Northern Ghana, with the aim of bringing about peace amid the violent ethnic conflicts there. He travelled to the area alone, living amongst the local people in a mud hut. He went with only hand luggage and the contact details of one local man.

By December 2010, Paul had recruited a small team of local people from both sides of the conflict who were interested in seeking peace and in January 2011 the team started building a base in the area to run projects of reconciliation. The vision of the project was to embody unity within the team - being an example to those around them of people from either sides of the conflict living in peace. The team also run development projects, which benefitted both tribal groups. This reduced the stresses on local communities and increased the interaction and trust between people.  

By October 2011, Paul was living at the base alongside a team of 4, with 4 other support workers working, developing programmes with the community, establishing animal rearing, veterinary, natural medicine, and hygiene & sanitation activities. This project continues to this day and has been joined by similar projects in Ghana.

Paul now lives back in the UK, where he is overseeing a Brixton Project, which aims to address issues of gang violence amongst youth in the area of Angell Town. This project is still in it’s primary stages but includes aspects of detached youth work and relationship building.  

Paul lives on the Brixton estate, with his fiancé and a small team of peacemakers – trying to emulate the vision of Jesus, who lived alongside man in his journey of bringing peace.

If you would like Paul to speak at your Church, please do get in contact and we will arrange a date that suits you.