Next week, on the 27th Jan, the CHIPS Director - Paul Rose, will be going for a three week visit to Ghana. Its always an exciting time when a member of the UK team goes to visit a project abroad. They get a unique chance to see directly the transformation that is happening on the ground and come back with a wealth of stories and insights.

After a good Christmas break with their families, the Ghana team are now back at work busily preparing for Pauls arrival. They will be collating the impressive work they have been doing, evaluating and re-designing their practical programmes. This is an important time of ther year  - this reviewing period is key to ensuring that their practical work is effective as possible, as well as giving a chance for the team to assess the overall peacemaking progress of their ministry.

During his time out there Paul has many things that he wants to achieve. The first aim of this will be to encourage and support the team pastorally, as he meets the three team members who have joined in the last year. The second key purpose is to review the project evaluations and support them in their strategic vision for how they are seeking peace in the area. 

In addition, he will be visiting and re-connecting with his many friends in the area, carrying with him the hugely encouraging message that he and all of you are praying for them and for peace in their land every month. What a privilege it will be to take that message of support - thank you for being part of this!

As Paul visits and travels around Ghana he is going to be taking photos and putting updates on CHIPS social media accounts. Please follow us on facebook and twitter to get these exciting updates and see real lives images from the trip.