This year we commemorate a war that scarred a generation,
Who fought the war to end all wars for the honour of the nation.
The problem is it didn’t … end all wars I mean,
We just keep building more innovative killing machines.
Since 1914 the fighting has rarely ceased,
Yet we put our hope and trust in the Prince of Peace.
Cause God promises that there WILL be peace on Earth,
When people and creation realise their worth.
God sent his son to show another way to live,
And to be reconciled, his life he chose to give.
In an explosion of love, death was overcome.
Raised in new life, the fight against evil was won!

Yet while our gospel proclaims this victory,
The evidence on our news is hard to see.
It’s the least in our world caught in the troubles,
While we sit and watch in privileged bubbles.
But if the example of Jesus is true,
What does that mean for me and for you?

At CHIPS we believe that violence is a waste of life,
So we aim to be peacemakers by taking sides, both sides.
We want to show the afflicted that they are not alone.
When we are Invited in, we make their burdens our own.
Serving our neighbour with love that is incarnational,
We find a way to build peace that will be sustainable.
Working at grassroots our solutions have been practical,
Using skills and techniques with which people are capable.
We know each new situation in itself is unique,
Which means discovering a new way of peace to seek.
To change a community you have to first change yourself,
So that peace takes root and becomes your source of life itself.

Now we are about to start in London,
With a plan to seek God’s peace in Brixton.
In Angell Town estate we plan to live,
And of our time and resources to give.
To the pursuit of God’s own ends.
Yet peace on this Earth on you depends.
We can keep watching death on our TV’s,
Or we can be the change we want to see.
So I urge you to make a difference,
Seek peace in your heart and peace on your streets.
Get on your knees, pray for transformation,
For His peace in this and every nation.
Let love, joy, goodness and all fruits increase,
On this celebration, the Day of Peace.

by Alex Cameron

Please do share this around and maybe even ask if you can read it in church this Sunday, the joint International Day of Peace and the International Day of Prayer for Peace.