Hello Everyone, my name is Alex Cameron and I am the new member of the Brixton project!

My route to joining this project is a strange one, but completely filled with God’s perfect timing. Back in January I was living in Belfast and finishing my degree in International Politics and Conflict Studies. I decided that it was high time I started looking for a job for post-university and stumbled upon the CHIPS website. The idea of going and living in an area of conflict somewhere in the world greatly appealed to me, so I got in touch asking for some more information on how to get involved. In my mind I was going to be off to the Middle East to solve the Israel-Palestine problem!

But God had other plans. Instead I got a reply telling me about how CHIPS was trying to move into an estate in Brixton. Moving back to London had been the last thing on my mind, but I thought I would check the idea out further so I packed up my bags and headed down to Hilfield Friary for the CHIPS run course: ‘Being There’ in February 2014.

The heart behind CHIPS motivations was awesome to see and I feel at that weekend that I caught the bug. Once I got back to Belfast I spent the rest of the week praying and then emailed Paul to say that I wanted to get involved. From that point my involvement has snowballed! I am now an intern with another charity in London and cannot wait to actually move into Angell Town (partly because I keep being given furniture for the house and its now clogging up my parents’ house!).

While I feel a bit out of my depth and unsure of what the future will bring, I cannot wait to see what God has planned.