It is with great anticipation that we introduce Josh Grear, the recently appointed Team Leader of the London Project. This vital and complex role involves both project management skills and youth work outreach. Josh comes well trained in both these areas and with a wealth of knowledge of the London area. For the past five years Josh has been involved in children’s, youth and family support work with Oasis Trust UK. He has worked at schools in the capital, supporting young people at risk of exclusion and has run community focused projects for children and their families. 

The Brixton project journey began last year when the charity was invited into the area by organisations already working there. The aim is to address issues of gang violence amongst youth and bring reconciliation between different tension groups. Since Josh’s appointment earlier this year, the project has really taken off...

Through the support of Mission Housing and generous CHIPS supporters, the London Project Team have now moved into a flat located on the east side of the estate and are busy building relationships with various organisations and people in the area. 

Josh says: ‘Every Wednesday there is an ‘open-house’ at the flat, where people from the local community are welcomed to eat and gather together. I have started working with children at a local school - exploring with them issues around ‘self-identity’. We are also experiencing lots of different chance opportunities to act as a mediator between youth and the police. For example, a few weeks ago Paul (CHIPS Director) was able to calm a situation where police were carrying out a raid on a group of local youth.’

We are really sad to be sharing the news that only recently there was a stabbing on Loughborough Road in Brixton and also a fatal shooting of Ogarrao Dixon, a young man on Marcella Road on June 17th. This is a stark reminder of the need for reconciliation between groups in the area. Please keep praying for all those incolved in gang violence and also for the CHIPS team - that they are able to find peace in sometimes intimidating and dangerous situations.