We are overjoyed to have Josh with us as the newest member of the CHIPS Team. He has just moved into the Brixton flat and plays a vital role as the Team Leader of the London project. He has a wealth of experience in youth and community work and we think he's going to do an amazing job... 

For the past 5 years Josh has been involved in childrens, youth and family support work with Oasis Trust UK. He has worked in schools supporting children and young people at risk of exclusion, run community focused projects for children and their families, and worked through Oasis Church Waterloo as a part of the Childrens, Youth and Families team. 

He studied Children's and Family Support and Ministry at Oasis College of Higher Education and alongside his new role working with CHIPS is studying a part-time Masters in Human Rights, Culture, and Social Justice at Goldsmiths College, University of London. 
While he's not hard at work, he enjoys Football, Basketball, Academia, and Video Games. 
He says "I was instantly excited and intrigued by the job when i happened across it as I am passionate about community living and social justice. I am really excited for the opportunity to live and become part of the community in Brixton. I am passionate about journeying and learning with the young people and the community. I really believe that youthwork is primarily about positive relationships that empower the young people to realize their own voices, dignity and value that I hope will bring people closer to God's peace."
You can give Josh a warm welcome by emailing him at josh@chipspeace.org