We are pleased to introduce Holly to you, the latest member of the CHIPS Team. She is settling into her new role as Communications Officer and is looking forward to getting to know you all. 

Holly studied Biology at University of Bath and has been working in the Christian charity sector for 6 years. Before coming to CHIPS she was working as Manager of The SPEAK Network – a Christian prayer and campaigns charity for young adults.

She enjoys a wide range of activities, including campaigning, creating and learning.

She says "I'm really excited about being part of the CHIPS team and being able to contribute to all the exciting and inspiring work that it has already made happen. The organisation brings together all the key things that I'm passionate about - faith, justice and a grass roots approach. It's really nice to be able to bring these areas together in such a way that they can enhance and empower each other. It sounds like CHIPS has another exciting year ahead of it, with the launch of the new London project, and I'm looking forward to being a part of such a powerful, dynamic force for good."

Do keep in touch at holly@chipspeace.org