The role of Administrator is an important one in any organisation - making sure that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome Angela into the CHIPS family and her wealth of experience in the area

Angela has worked in a variety of sectors including banking, local authority, charity and the care sector, in the secretarial and administrative fields, and has added finance to her roles. Angela has seen a lot of changes in her working life - from using manual and electric typewriters (including golfball typewriters), using shorthand and audio typing, through to experiencing the change of office communications by the launch of the world wide web,email, MS dot packages and Microsoft Office.
My interest in CHIPS stems from wanting to make a difference to the lives of people in as practical a way as possible, along with continuing to grow and strengthen my faith in Christ with the daily prayer time and discussions among my colleagues.  I was very impressed with the work of CHIPS, from the idea of one person wanting to make a difference and making it happen, through to the projects it runs today.  People are the most valuable of all God's creation and CHIPS really believes in the concept us being our brother's keeper by not only getting involved in projects but also living in, and being a part of, the communities where they are being delivered. I am looking forward to being involved in the set up of the London office and contributing to the ongoing and valuable service that CHIPS provides. 
You can give Angela a warm welcome by emailing her on