The CHIPS Uganda project was started in 1991, working for reconciliation between the Iteso and Karimojong tribes in NE Uganda. Since this time the team has expanded, made up of Ugandans from both tribes who live together in the border area and work in water resources, agriculture, veterinary and community development. They encourage resettlement in the border area, cross border co-operation, trade and friendship. 

CHIPS projects are always designed to one day be handed over fully to the local people to be run independently. In 2014, CHIPS decided that the timing was right to gradually and carefully hand the Uganda project over to the local community and for the CHIPS support to focus on prayer support. It is always a stressful and scary time releasing and letting go of a program, however it is an important step in ensuring the longevity and stability of work in an area.

The CHIPS Uganda committee decided together on their new name, CPAD (Christian Peace and Development), and also that they wanted to continue working in the same way that CHIPS does. The last update from the Uganda project hand some good news but also showed some of the trials that were occurring during the transition phase. However we are pleased to be able to share with you now some real positive steps that have been filtering through from Uganda. CPAD has recently received received its NGO registration certificate! Thank you for your persistent prayer for this as it releases the board to apply for funding and formal partnership with other organisations in the region.

The board have already taken a potential partner to visit Okulonyo and the communities along the border area. They are exploring the possibility of supporting farmer groups in these locations. That's some excellent progress, and we pray that others will also come to seek how they can be part of making peace in Karamoja  and Teso.

We are also overjoyed to say that there has been little sign of new border disputes or land grabbing over the last month or so. Thank God that there seems to be a break from the division and conflicts in the area and thank you for your prayers and how they are helping to bring peace the region. Please do continue praying for CHIPS and for the Uganda team - we've seem some amazing answers to prayer in recent months and are constantly reminded of its beauty and power