We are delighted to be able to relay the news that we have just received a generous donation from the Besom Trust for the CHIPS Ghana project. The Besom Trust is not a charity which funds projects itself, but operates in order to connect money givers with worth while projects. We are so grateful to the Besom Trust for considering our application and for the compassion that the funder has for the local communities in Ghana.

Their generous donation will be going towards: 1 motorbike and 26 sheep/goats.

These contributions will make a huge difference to the work in Ghana. The Ghana team are keen to start work with 26 Primary Schools in the poorest areas of the Nanumba district, but were lacking transportation to reach these these far out areas. The World Food Programme has identified these 26 schools as ones which are in need of support and are currently funding food schemes at them. However there is still a big problem with poor hygiene – meaning that children are getting ill when eating the food.The funding of this motorbike means that the team can now reach these schools and begin training the children in sanitation techniques and developing hand washing facilities.

After years rolling out successful breeding projects using chickens, and one pilot goat breeding scheme being a great success, CHIPS Ghana are kean to expand the program to work with two groups of widows. Because of being widows, they are particularly vulnerable and lacking in financial support, so this is a good opportunity to enable them to gain income. They are located in the main town of the district, which has been a center of conflict in the area. The town was completely destroyed twice during conflicts in 1982 and 1994.
The widow groups have been meeting weekly for 6 months, discussing their vision for their future, and have decided that keeping animals is the most practical and productive way to enable them to gain a more stable livelihood.
They are currently building houses for their animals and will then buy one animal themselves. After this, we will give each of them two animals to add to their one

Thank God for his guidance and this wonderful provision