For the last year, CHIPS Ghana has been working to improve sanitation in schools and communities across North Eastern Ghana, improving the health and livelihood of over 3,000 young students.

To celebrate World Toilet Day this year, CHIPS is going further to flush out bad sanitation.

We know that poor sanitation increases the risk of disease and malnutrition. We know that for women and girls a lack of access to proper facilities is an even greater risk, leaving them vulnerable to the threat of rape and abuse through lack of privacy. These are issues faced by 2.4 billion people worldwide.

The CHIPS team in Ghana can’t wait any longer - the people they work with have told them that they need toilets.

Like the tippy-tap project in schools, sanitation blocks are not just about clean hands and clean toilets. The UN has identified a lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation, along with the absence of good hygiene practices, as among the underlying causes of poor nutrition. Toilet facilities built by the community with CHIPS’ support, using local labour and local initiative, will bring communities together in a shared activity, building relationships whilst improving safety, health, and community.

This new project will only be possible with your support. Just £30 will enable a family to have their own toilet - providing safe and clean sanitation for up to 15 people.  Please donate here to build a toilet for a family in Northern Ghana

You can also give the team vital support through your prayers - CHIPS sends out monthly Prayer Points, which you can subscribe to here.


Thank you for helping us wipe out bad sanitation!