Although we are only six and a half weeks into the London Project, there is already exciting progress being made. The London Team have been busy building relationships with various agencies and organisations in the area, which can be both challenging and rewarding. Paul (CHIPS Director) and Josh (London Project Coordinator) have visited a local school a number of times and are building up a solid partnership with them. 

The school told us some heart breaking stories about families which attend the school - the overarching themes being hunger, neglect, and instability at home. One family was given a days notice to leave their house by the council and a one way train ticket to Nottingham. Another, like so many in the area, has limited access to food and the children have very poor diets. This is causing health problems and a lack of attainment at school. 

The school has invited Josh to lead a six week project working with the pupils, exploring the issue of identity. This is a fantastic opportunity to support the school and to meet the children. The first sessions have already taken place - they were an engaging class and seemed to respond positively to the first session. It also provides a great way for Josh to build positive relationships with children outside the school, as he can meet the friends of these pupils when he bumps into them when on the estate. 

Please pray for the children who are suffering from instability or malnutrition. And may God provide chance interactions and relationships.