An email from CPAD member Simon-Peter Achia describes his journey to monitor progress along the border between Teso and Karamoja, exactly ten years after CHIPS’ major Border Resettlement Plan of 2005. The projected time for the Plan was ten years! 
He reports on large new settlements at Turotuko and Namendera – at either end of the border, with 24 villages now around Apeitolim, and a second well-staffed health centre there and at Namendera. “Many boreholes have been drilled in most of the villages”, and markets are flourishing in two new places also. We do praise God for this encouragement!
Presently, the main risk of conflict stems from the climate - with drought greatly affecting food production. The lack of rain has delayed the planting of traditional crops like sorghum, which act as the main subsistence food for most families.
The CPAD team are gradually adjusting to their new structure and status. They are seeking partners to fund different aspects of their development work - focusing on agriculture, poultry and education projects.